The landscape of Hair Transplant in India today

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The inception of Hair Transplant was in the late 1940s. Cosmetic procedures were deeply studied and understood, first. The practical side faced a lot of issues too. There have been a lot of botched procedures and failed Hair Transplants. Slowly, but surely the method was perfected. In India it is generally believed to have started in 2002, as the first successful Hair Transplant procedure in Patna Medical College.

Hair Transplant india in the first decade of 21st century was quite slow. There was a general unawareness of it, or if people knew about it, they always thought of it in a risky manner. The earlier transplants were less effective too, due to the lack of necessary instruments and technology.

Hair Transplant really picked up steam around the last decade of 2020s. FUE was in full force in India and the new technology revolutionized it. Further, experienced doctors start to come in the field and brought in new innovations, like Direct Hair Transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplantation or Strip Harvesting Method, which was in full force in the 2010s, lost all its momentum in this decade. FUTs had more cases of injuries and only in the hands of the best doctors could the results be best. But the Best Results of FUT were smaller in front of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE has proved to be more reliable than FUT.

> In FUT, the doctor along with her/his team, cut a strip of 2mm or 4mm from the donor area of the Patient. They then implant it in the recipient area. This requires steady hands and great experience, which only a select few possess. Thus cases of infections and botched transplants were as compared to FUE slightly high. Whereas in FUE, Hair is individually extracted without any injury to the donor area, and Transplanted by using Implanter Pens.

> Implanter Pens help in easy insertion at a right angle, thus increasing the Hair Growth rate significantly.

This article was about the history and progress of the growth of Hair Transplant in India. We pride ourselves in being a part of this history, but the present offers us more chances. We want for you and your hair only the best procedure.

The main reason you should procure a Hair Transplant in this decade and from us is because:1. The Hair Transplant Procedure has evolved significantly.

2. There are some to none risks and the rewards are very high.

3. The technology has never been better for the Best Procedure. And Hair Free Hair Grow holds all these technologies.

4. The prices have become significantly, reasonable. And the option of finance is always available with us.

5. You don’t deserve a look of regret. You look 1000% better with your Hair. You deserve the best, which only Hair Free Hair Grow, provides!
Consult soon, best wishes.

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