Strip Harvesting an OLD technique with less results or does it still have applications?

a back of head of a man showing strip harvesting of hair follicles

Strip Harvesting or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was the first breakthrough in the fight against Hair Loss. It was developed in or around 1960s and has since then been a cause of great Hair Transplant Results. Lakhs if not Crores have taken this procedure and have got results, but since the early 2000s Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has taken its place and now there are further innovations coming along. So where does FUT stand in this scenario?

The answer is quite complicated in the modern context. In a FUT procedure a surgeon would Harvest strips of 4 mm from the donor area and keep it preserved for transplanting into the recipient area. The procedure is to be done with maximum care as it requires one to surgically extract a very small strip and one bad stroke can lead to excessive bleeding or scarring later on. The strips were also to be harvested from a certain depth which varied with the experience of a doctor. There was often some errors in this procedure.

But there were several advantages too. The strip takes in the surrounding environment of the graft into the donor area, as such resulting in good results. Some Hair in FUE when Transplanted to the recipient area don’t actually stay because the surroundings don’t accept them, later it can happen that the hair can cause the surroundings to adapt and lead to new hair growth. The Hair Fall is usually temporary, but with FUT this problem was reduced. Also FUT comparatively has a lower cost than FUE and some of our clients still do prefer it.

But along with all the advantages the disadvantages have also been reported. Several patients even in the hands of best of surgeons have seen some issues. It can range from mild scarring, to severe blood loss. There have been also cases where the recipient area hasn’t adapted with the donor strips causing severe itching and burning sensation. So, one has to know the problems alongside its various merits.

We at Hair Free and Hair Grow definitely do FUT with our surgeons who have about 15 years of practice doing these procedures. The amount of these procedures has definitely decreased but it isn’t to say it isn’t effective. FUT is effective but there are more effective methods today but we shouldn’t forget it. This was probably the first method and the results have been amazing too!

But you just need to be Care Free and Trust HairFree and HairGrow.

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