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There are so many narratives and stories around hair. We all hear them on daily basis, some being that dandruff can be removed by cutting hair short, or hair straighteners really help, or many other wisdom filled words. Some of these tips can really be effective and there is scientific proof of that. But many have no scientific basis and we still keep on believing in them, hoping that they work! But here is a list to help you figure out what doesn’t work and why it doesn’t.

Cutting hair shorter removes dandruff and also progresses growth.

This is the one myth that many of us believe to be true that cutting your hair shorter or going bald will remove dandruff and in case of beards shaving would incite growth. But this is not the case! Dandruff isn’t created only once, due to many chemical processes inside the body or in simpler terms the conversion of testosterone to DHT causes dandruff. The entire chemical process needs to be stopped with medications or diet changes and then only dandruff stops! Or else your dandruff will come back once your hair grows to a proper length.

Even beard shaving isn’t effective. Your hair density in a given area decides how many and how much area they cover. It is the fallacy of the eye that causes us to think that shaving helps, because hair grows at a fast pace thus we tend to believe that shaving helps. It does but only to keep you well groomed!Hair colours are bad for hair!

And they are bad for hair, but not all of them. When you buy a chemically produced hair colour the chemical can have various side effects which can cause rapid hair loss. But using natural hair colours or Mehendi are not at all problematic. But you need to check the composition behind hair colours. Always read and choose!Hair Drying is better.

Hair dryers blow hot hair to quickly make your hair dry and look smooth. But this is only for short time. Blow dryers have been shown in medical researches to remove the natural silky texture that your hair has. They can cause long term frizziness. It is advised to let your hair dry normally after it has been wet. Wet hair is the weakest point of hair, they can break easily then even while combing. So we advise that after a bath just dry hair very smoothly with your towel for 10 seconds and then let them dry for 15 minutes. After that comb and style, and look great!Pulling out white hairs never lets them come back.

This one we tend to do all the time. Whenever we see a solitary white hair we try to pull it out. But it is going to come back, it is better to let it be that way. White hair isn’t a problem, your constantly looking at it makes it one! So just let your hair be. Yes, if white hair starts to come in a bunch you can definitely use natural hair colour to turn it the way you want it!

We hear hair care news all the time. But the best way to get hair care is by coming to Hair Free Hair Grow and learning and using the best techniques to get better hair.

We have all believed in many hair myths, but now let us start using practical techniques for better hair and better you!

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