chemical structure of dihydrotestosterone used for a dht treatment for hair loss

Dihydrotestosterone is the major culprit in Hair loss. When your body starts to create DHT then hair loss is just around the corner.

Male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia has been the most identified cause of hair fall. Baldness doesn’t just cause hair fall but with this one’s confidence drops too. It triggers a lot of psychological issues if not resolved early, especially in young people. When a doctor ascertains that there is a significant change in your hair density or quantity or else if you notice some changes then you should definitely seek help. Reversing hair loss in the early stages is very important.

But before stopping hair fall we need to understand how DHT is formed and leads to Hair loss:

Testosterone + 5 Alpha Reductase (an enzyme) gets converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a major cause of hair loss in men. This chemical reaction induces body to create DHT and keeps on converting testosterone into DHT unless there is not an intervention. The major issues that DHT creates is that it reduces the growing phase of hair and increases the resting phase, thus hampering your natural hair growth rate and leading to Androgenetic Alopecia. Hereditary factors, hormones, stress, chemical treatments, mismanagement of hair, dandruff, smoking, lack of sleep are some of the main causes of triggering hair fall by Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair loss treatment for men primarily aims at reducing the DHT effect on hair so that it can slow down receding hair line and indefinitely postpone hair loss. For this there are various natural methods as eating right and eating foods that induce hair growth.

But the most effective methods are Minoxidil, Medications or if the hair loss is very significant then Hair Transplant. A doctor ascertains how significant the hair loss and only then does he determine what technique s/he will use to get you your hair back.

Minoxidil works great but one needs to be patient with them. It takes nearly 3 months for seeing some results and a year more for significant changes. If the hair loss is significant then Minoxidil is used only for stopping hair fall and not for regrowth of hair. Read more about how to use and choose minoxidil.

Medications include Finasteride and Dutasteride which have shown to reverse the conversion of testosterone to DHT and thus are used greatly today. But the only issue with them is that they can cause side effects, especially in women. Thus women are rarely advised to take these medications for hair fall, not unless they are a few years past menopause.

Hair transplant is the most effective way of all. All the other techniques are used in conjunction with Hair Transplant to ensure results. Hair Transplant can be done at anytime, but generally medications and natural methods are used first. Hair Transplant has a success rate of 92% globally and at Hair Free Hair Grow of 100%!

Thus be carefree and come to Hair Free Hair Grow Clinic. Let us help to get and grow your beautiful hair back!

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