What has been the Worst Things to Have happened in Hair Transplant?

a male head with hair transplant procedure done on it for identifying worst hair transplant procedure

Hair Transplant has been around more than 50 years now. Today it is considered one of the safest cosmetic procedure, because the doctors have been trained rigorously and innovation has been seeping in the industry vigorously. But this was not always so. There have been many incidents in the past which have turned fatal for the individual undergoing Hair Transplant, and even today there are some or the other cases going on to.

India is nation that is gradually becoming a superpower. Thus the market is ripe and there are more often than not, people who promise you best results, but end up destroying your hair line or in some cases your health itself. So, you have to know the legible risks that comes when we do a Hair Transplant may it be FUT, FUE or DHI. And alongside the risks we ought to know the bad cases which have attracted wide scale interests by mass media and researchers.

There was one case of Hair Transplant in Mumbai which has received notorious coverage. A business man who had a Hair Transplant had died after the procedure. This raised concerns about the safety of the procedure. But we want to tell you the procedure is secure, it is the human error which accounts. And human error can come in the form of greed, wilful negligence etc. But this was the case of greed from both sides. The procedure was to be of 1500 Grafts, but the Patient wanted rather fuller hairline, and it had come to be known that he was very concerned with his looks and had spent lakhs of rupees on wigs, extensions etc.

The original intention of doing a 1500 graft Transplant was then changed to a 3000+ graft procedure and this caused excessive strain on the Scalp Area. One needs to remember that doctors have years of experience and in most cases they suggest what is best for you! And also the reason to get a Hair Transplant is to mask Baldness, and not to achieve a 100% hair line. It is a procedure to increase your aesthetic appeal but even this procedure has limits to what can be achieved.

Further, there have many cases throughout India where the Doctor has suggested more Hair Grafts so as to get more profit. We receive many of such cases, because many of these procedures are botched and also the hair implanted are lost within the first year itself.

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