Transplanted Hair as good as a New Born Baby? How to achieve it?

an aged person showing his scalp after hair transplant procedure

Hair Transplant gets you result 97% of the time, as research shows, but how good is the result can only be measured after a few months and with taking into consideration the quality of Hair and its subsequent density. But that is something which is decided by the method and how effectively it was done by the doctor. Were the Best grafts given the right place, so that the hair doesn’t look uneven? Or were they inserted at the right angle of 45 Degree, to ensure that the Hair Graft sprouts easily from Transplanted area? All these questions are determined by the expertise of the surgeon and his/her practice in this field.

But what do you need to do, to ensure that your Hair is the best is a question that can be resolved only by these steps before and after Hair Transplant or any other method.

Before undergoing Treatment

1. Notice but not self-diagnosis: You shouldn’t watch the Internet for understanding your body, although it has credible information and has helped us to know very many things but it also causes panic or else a false sense of hope. If you see that your hair fall has increased within past few days you should speak with a Doctor, s/he can be a Physician (in the initial stages) or a Trichologist. Never become an expert yourself because you are just studying something of somewhere and implementing it, while experts go through rigorous training for years. So in this case, they know best.

2. Maintain a Healthy Routine: Although it is the easiest one, but it is also true of this but that it is easier said than done. Fast food options are tastier than eating salad and this has caused various problems. A diet needs to be nutritionally balanced and should provide necessary vitamins and other macronutrients for best body function. This is definitely true in the question of hair, because our hair is 100% Protein (Keratin). Thus we need to include fruits, green vegetables and also lessen the amount of salt in foods. Both White substances Sugar and Salt can be bad for your health.

And most importantly exercise for about 150 minutes, it can be regular cardio or weight training, in a week. Get a good sleep of 8 hours and your hair and you will be as healthy as ever

3. Avoid Harmful substances: Although there are researches and countless data that shows that alcohol and smoking causes grand problems in one’s body, but still people continue doing it. Drinking moderately is fine and can even help, but moderately is the star word there. Alcohol and smoking won’t just affect your lungs and liver, but your entire body. They cause malabsorption of nutrients and even maintaining a good diet with it will only end up doing nothing. Alcohol, smoking and any other drugs also cause muscle loss, which is made up of Proteins, and thus there are a few researches that show that such activities cause lesser production of protein. Leaving it behind will do wonders for you.

But all these methods were before getting a surgery, or at the first sight of Hair Loss. But if the damage has been done and it has progressed further, there are still steps to ensure perfectly new hair.

During and After Treatment

1. Listen to your doctor: Follow instructions by your doctor always. If she says that you shouldn’t do something or you should do something it is 100% for your benefit. Don’t heed it as advice, take it as an order. Following the necessary steps will ensure maximum results by any Surgical or Non-Surgical Hair Treatments.

2. Ensuring Hygiene in the area of procedure: During procedure Hair Free and Hair Grow ensures that every material is sterilized and every instrument is brand new for ensuring hygiene and patient safety. But after the procedure the task falls with you. You have to keep the scalp clean and have to wash it with gentle care, at the prescribed time mentioned by doctor. But even after you get best results (only from HFHG) you shouldn’t slack off from hair care routine. Take care of Hair, and you take care of Hair Fall!

3. Be Cheerful and Not Fearful: Always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you worry too much it will only cause you anxiety, but you are yourself happy while being careful and choosing the best Hair Care Treatment both Surgical and Non-Surgical from Hair Free and Hair Grow, you have no cause for concern. Anxiety and fear can also lead to more hair loss, as you should know.

And the Best Known way to get the Best Hair is to come to Hair Free and Hair Grow. We love Hair and detest Hair Loss. Our entire motto is to remove every person’s Hair Loss at effective costs. Come to us and be Care Free while HairFree HairGrow grows your Hair Freely!

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