Increasing Protein Intake for Good Hair!

every food that are enriched with protein that can be good for hair loss

Hair and Protein go hand in hand. Hair is 100% protein which is called Keratin which our body makes from the foods that we eat. Like an anecdote goes ‘We are what we eat’ same goes with Hair. Right foods keeps hair long and strong. So this is our part in encouraging you to eat right foods.

These suggestions are made from the motive of providing you suggestions, you should choose amongst these items carefully, because they can increase the speed of digestion and flatulence sometimes. So beware!

These suggestions are both for our Friends who are Meat Lovers or Hard-core Vegetarians:

1. Chicken: Chicken is love, but it is also a good source of protein. A lot of chicken farmers use soy based food for fast growth and this helps in increasing the protein content, but beware of the curry which comes along to increase calories. Eat boiled chicken, but even if you eat chicken in curry make sure to not overeat.

2. Eggs: Eggs taste divine and are one of the best sources of proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients daily! But Egg whites are pure protein and boiling them gives you the best way to attaining those essential proteins without taking in the cholesterol which comes from omelette.

3. Several Variation in Nuts: Nuts are some of our best sources for gaining essential proteins. Walnuts, almond, pistachio and even groundnuts are amazing source of protein. Walnuts specially which with just テつシ cup can provide 4 grams of protein and they are full of omega 3 fatty acids. Nuts are also high source of fiber and help you slim down while taking care of your hair.

4. Broccoli: Some say that broccoli doesn’t taste amazing and just a hype, we say no. Broccoli is an amazing source of protein. You can make a soup of it, even a delicious paratha or add in a salad or pizza, it just adds nutrition in everything. They are also high in fiber so you will be full longer, the only trouble you can’t get enough!

5. Fish: Fish is delicious in any variety and tastes amazing. They have good amount of protein and are low in calories. You can eat a little more for good hair growth and also for added benefits in weight. Any type of fish is good but generally it is considered that salmon is really high in protein.

These are some of our tips for increasing protein. But know that even Legumes like any variant of dal or even things like tofu are high in protein. But if your hair loss has begun and is in a moderate to advanced stage, eating more doesn’t help. If your hair loss is genetic even then increasing Protein can stall hair loss for sometime, but it will come eventually.

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