Which Type of Hair Treatment works best at Every Level of Hair Fall?

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Hair fall is a nuisance not just physically but more importantly aesthetically. No matter what others say, looks should matter at least to oneself. A person undergoing Hair Regrowth Treatment is a brave man/woman because they choose to look their best. Such decisions inadvertently result in their achieving all the best things in their life!

But there is an added question of how much and what grade is the hair fall? Alopecia or Balding pattern comes in different grades and can be normal too sometimes. It is normal to lose upto a 100 hairs a day, but also there has to be noted that when these hair fall, new hair takes its place. But in Alopecia this procedure of renewing fallen hair stops, and the more the loss and less regrowth the more visible becomes Balding. The worst level is Complete Balding.

Here we want to talk about what should be done at different levels of Balding:

1. Normal or Mild Hair Loss:

As mentioned earlier Hair Loss of upto 100 hairs a day is completely natural. Well in all honesty you can’t count your every Hair coming loose, but you should watch in what quantity and when do they fall. Do you wake up and find a lot of your hair on your bed, or while having a bath do you notice hair falling in bunch? Such investigations on hair should be done regularly, and in case any doubt you should contact a Trichologist (A Hair Specialist) for advice.

If you have mild hair loss, you should just relax and improve your diet. You should eat food high in protein like eggs and meat. Also remember to include vitamins as they ensure smoother hair. And oil and shampoo 3 times in a week for men and 4 times for women

2. Moderate Hair Loss:

When your Hair loss is slightly increased and you notice a few spots where hair is thinning and your frontal hairline is receding, then you have reached at the level of moderate hair loss. This hair loss kicks around late 30s or so, and is a sign of Androgenic Alopecia. Hair production has slowed but if you stop balding at this point, stopping balding will be easier then when hair fall increases to severe levels. Mostly people ignore the warning signs and then face troubles.

You should in case of this type of hair loss start with meeting a doctor. This goes away if you make necessary diet changes and lifestyle changes. Some medications like Minoxidil 2% or 5% can be ascribed for getting faster results. There is no need of Hair Transplant just yet, but it can be needed if the warning signs are not duly noted. Also our doctors at HairFree HairGrow suggest that you include a small portion of cardio exercise as that helps blood circulation and also do hair massaging with Fingertips to induce better Blood circulation at scalp for better hair production.

3. Severe Hair Loss:

When one ignores the warning signs one reaches at this level. At severe hair fall, you will notice bald spots on your head and also will find hair fall in bunches. This is the worst form of Hair fall and in this you will lose all the hair on your frontal scalp and also there is a chance that you can lose hair in the back regions of your scalp.

The only way to resolve it is with getting a Hair Transplant. Although many will tell you to try Non-Surgical methods, which work but only upto a limit. Also Non-Surgical methods are best used in conjunction with Hair Transplant. Changing your diet and lifestyle will ensure that the Hair Transplant results stay for the longest of times.

If you face any of this Hair loss, or just have a doubt, give Hair Free and Hair Grow a call. We will resolve your Hair Fall, baldness and will provide you with best facilities in effctive hair treatment cost. Our treatment is all round so we ensure best of both surgical and Non-Surgical methods. Just you have to call us and then relax, because we will take care of your Hair!

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