Hair Transplant Cost? What is it based on?

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Hair Transplant Cost, the one question that terrifies us and scares us the most. The questions that rise alongside it are, will it be worth it? Will it work for me? For How long will this procedure stay? Or is a wig fine?

Hair Transplant Cost as we have talked in our other blog posts, is relative to the amount of hair Transplanted but also on the equipments used for procedure, the location of the clinic, doctor’s experience and Hair Transplant success record etc. We can talk on some of these here, but it is very important to first understand the little history of Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant was developed in the 1960s as an experimental method to cure Baldness. The first developed method was Strip Harvesting or what is today known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In this method a strip of 2mm to 4mm is extracted from the donor area and then Transplanted as a strip of rectangle or square into the recipient area. Then FUE was developed in the early 2000s where hair strands in clusters were extracted and then Transplanted. FUT had higher incidence of scarring and Hair Transplants turning bad, thus FUE was a major upgrade on the old technique. FUE has become a staple method to provide best Hair Transplant today, but more modern innovations like DHI and Robotic Hair Transplants are coming in. Hopefully the success graph soars up and above. Now, with history out of the way. Let’s talk about the things that can affect the Cost of Hair Transplant.

A. The quantity of Hair required to be transplanted: The most basic factor driving the cost of Hair Transplant will be how many Grafts you require in this Transplant. If the quantity is more the amount will increase. For effective quality the amount has to be proportional to the cost. So if the cost for 1000 Grafts is 20000 INR, then the cost of 3000 Grafts will be 60000 INR. There are minor periods of discounts that every Hair Transplant firm offers, but the quality and quantity are directly proportionate to cost.

B. The Type of Transplant Method: There are or some might say, there were mainly 2 major Transplant methods. Either FUE or FUT, but today there are many other methods too. Or methods that use the principle of FUE but enhance it by the help of robots, better Hair storage Equipments, Implanter Pens, etc. All these Equipments help in improving the results sizeably. Thus the cost varies on the type of FUE offered too. Some today use DHI technique and that requires even further Equipments, so that is the reason DHI is today, one of the costliest Hair Transplant procedures. But in Hair Transplant Cost is directly related to the Results you receive!

C. Specialized Equipments used in Procedure: Clinics use specialised Implanter Pens, Chillers, Extracted Hair Storage space, and even technician’s Equipments which help to improve results. These equipments are used as per the requirement of Procedure and the type of procedure. So, they have a claim of influence on the cost of procedure.

D. Grade of your Baldness/Hair Loss: If the grade of your hair loss is high, then the graft quantity will be more, thus influencing the price. It is also proportional to the results you want. If you want to mask the Baldness, then the quantity of Grafts will be a little less than compared to wishing a more full head space.

E. Medicines to be used post Transplant: You will have to use medicines and several shampoos and other products post procedure. These products or medicines can be used for quite sometime after procedure. Stopping them will nullify the results of a good Transplant. Thus while calculating the cost of Hair Transplant, don’t just count the cost of procedure but the cost of diet and medicines which will be there post procedure. We at Hair Free Hair Grow advice our clients and try to make these products available at better prices than anywhere else.

F. Miscellaneous expenses: The cost of travel while Transplant and if you are staying in a different place for HT procedure, the cost of hotel, etc. Should also be included in the cost of overall procedure. A prepared person has won his battle already. All these costs will factor in, in the larger picture, when you will look back at your Hair Fondly again.

But the good things are achieved only at the right price. So, worry less about cost and proceed to what waits on the other end of the procedure: The Best Hair Transplant in India!

Lastly, getting a Hair Transplant is a big step in life. So choose India’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinic- Hairfree & Hairgrow Clinic.

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