What is The Average Cost of Hair Transplant in India?

Planning for a hair transplant but wondering what the right hair transplant clinic and cost of hair transplant is?

Confused between various technical terms and don’t know how to assess a clinic and the right doctor for a best hair transplant experience?

The price of hair transplant in India varies on many factors, and it can be pretty confusing to compare and select the best option for your needs.
But not after you complete reading this article!

We have created the easiest cost of hair transplant in India guide that helps you assess the cost and choose the best option.

Hair transplant cost per graft in india

To start with the basics, the price per graft ranges from Rs. 20-40 and if it would be inclined towards Rs. 30 or 50 depends on case to case, and we’ll discuss all those factors here. I will also give you pointers that will help you avoid getting a substandard or overcharged experience for your Hair transplant

What is a graft? Cost of hair transplant per graft

One graft can contain between 1 to 3 hair follicles, and the total cost of your transplant on this basis can range anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 and more in India

Factors that define the hair transplant cost in India

Here is an extensive list of factors that play a crucial role in defining the total cost of hair transplant in India

1. Hair transplant cost depends on Area and Grade of Baldness

The primary factor is the grade and area of baldness: more area = more grafts required, which would increase the hair transplant cost in India. The progressions of your baldness and grade also define the procedure that the doctor will perform, which is linked to the price of hair graft.

2. Number of grafts required

The number of grafts required on the hair transplant area will increase or decrease the total cost.

3. Cost by type of hair transplant treatment in India

There are a lot of hair transplant techniques like B-FUEI-FUEBIG-FUE, Fut, DHI and others which have a specific cost associated with them. Cost of FUE hair transplant is more than the cost FUT transplant but the result quality of FUE transplant is also best as compare to FUT transplant in india.
An experienced doctor is the best person to assess the type of treatment you would need, and the total cost will vary as per the treatment procedure chosen.

4. Experience of the Doctor and the team

The hair transplant cost in india changes by experience of the doctor and his/her team is the most important factor that you should consider before getting your hair transplant done, price is also varie by experience doctors.

Some of the factors that define the price of hair transplant in India are:

● The number of patients served ● Total years in service ● Educational qualifications ● Team size and office locations
Hair transplant is a time taking complex surgical procedure and is generally considered safe. However, it can lead to problems if not done by an experienced doctor.
You must give special time to analyzing the doctor you are choosing, his/her reviews online, online presence, and past testimonials so that you can ensure a safe and effective hair transplant experience for yourself.

5. Hair transplant cost by location in India

The location of the clinic also plays a significant role while determining the cost. In areas where the cost of living is high, surgery costs may be greater. because the cost of hair transplant in Delhi, bangalore Noida,pune,mumbai and Gurgaon,is more as compare to hair transplant in Ludhiana ,surat,is not as expensive. Hair transplant cost in Hydrabad is more because of high-end infrastructure and many other factors. Overall, we can say that the cost of hair transplants in India is cheap and of the best quality. As per your needs and convenience, you can choose the centers wisely for your hair transplant .
6. Quality of the donor area

In most cases, hair transplant cost in India is also depends on donor area, the doctor would be able to get all the required grafts from your scalp, which is the most favorable scenario.
If that is not possible, the doctor will take the grafts from your beard or the body, which would increase the total cost of hair transplant in india. graft increases that means charges of hair transplant process is also increases

FUE Hair transplant cost in India is based on multiple factors, which is mentioned above. For exact grafts requirements and results of the clinic always prefer to visit the clinic,our hair transplant clinic are available in Mumbai hyderabad,Suratkolkatagurugramahmedabad ,bhopal, check results, and share photos. You can call or WhatsApp us on: +91- 72 72 83 22 22

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