Best Hair Transplant in India? What are the results?

The only surety of getting the Best Hair Transplant in India, is if you go in the best clinics around India. There are many clinics who claim best, but their best results don’t even come close to being the best. Best results are not just measured, post procedure or after 1 year or just based on quantity. It is to be measured overtime and not with just the quantity today, but the quantity that is left after 2 years or maybe 3 years post procedure. The thickness of hair line and how well does it produce the view of a normal hairline.

All these reasons, make it pertinent to choose a right Hair Transplant Clinic. One needs to look at all the options, but choose only the right one. Some people will always try to claim they are better and produce claims that they won’t be able to back up. Such claims can be:

1. Cheapest Hair Transplant: There is no cheap Hair Transplant. There is only a reasonable amount for it. A clinic run by doctors also needs to procure a profit by the end of year. But, this profit has to come with ethical standards, rather than predatory norms. Cheaper things hold an allure and doctors know this. Thus while you get a procedure, they will try to use cheap instruments or sometimes reuse Equipments to cut costs. This can be disastrous.

2. Complete Hair Growth: This is further an unrealistic expectation. A hair transplant can only completely reverse the effects of Hair Transplants if it is in the earlier stages of Hair Loss. There can’t be a complete turn around for a Ground 5 or Grade 7 patient of Hair Loss. It doesn’t mean, they shouldn’t get it, it means they should but along with the expectation of masking Hair Loss. The density might not be full, but their hairstyle will minimize any perception of Baldness.

Thus we should know that best clinics do advertise, but they show results, rather than just empty promises. Empty promises play on emotion, while results show a logical expression of results. Emotions can be generated or diffused by rhetoric, but even a good orator can’t spin around bad results.

So, there should be a few indicators of how you can identify best clinics in clinic. A few of them are:
1. Transparency in Results: These clinics are clear about their results. And show the complete progression of their results, not just post procedure or 3 months after it.

2. No Far Fetched promises: They don’t promise hair transplants at extremely low or extremely high costs. The best Transplant is done not at a low cost, but at an optimal cost.

3. They don’t silence criticism: The true humbleness or face of a person can be discerned when you see them facing criticism. We humans can never perfect anything, but we can always improvise and learn from our critics.

4. They bring back smiles on people’s face: This here shows what a Transplant Clinic’s ideal and idea should be. They are there to bring smiles for a person who is facing an unfortunate loss and is losing self-confidence. To see them regain it and smile is what makes Hair Transplant actually worthwhile.

Hair Free Hair Grow stands with this assessment and so does our clientele of over 3500+ Happy patients over the years.

Do you want to be one to? Kindly call us and let us care for your Hair more!

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