Loss of Hair happens daily. Research has shown on an average a person can lose some 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. It happens everywhere, in the shower or during sleep. This process is natural and your body builds up new hair daily! But sometimes the loss can be unnerving, like suddenly seeing a lot of your hair fall in shower or finding a patch of hair while waking up! These happen gradually and over a period of time but once they start, unless you get medical help they don’t stop.

Hair fall has several causes which can be biological or based on your surroundings. Hormonal imbalance is the most probable cause in 82% of the cases. Hormonal imbalances can happen due to being overweight or not living healthily. At such times the heavily marketed ‘Oil Care’ doesn’t help. You need to get a doctor’s advice. Using hard water (containing a lot of minerals), or being in a lot of stress, or not eating healthy are amongst the many causes of Hair Fall..

This diagnosis of cause of Hair Fall when done, what to do next?

The next step is to see to what extent the hair loss has set in. The grade of your present hair in the donor region (the place where hair is extracted from for Transplantation), its density and how your original pattern of hair were. It is upon doctor’s suggestion that you should go for a Hair Transplant. Some cases are easily reversible or can be cases of short term illnesses causing a lot of hair loss, but there are many cases where due to the patient’s neglect the hair loss is so grand that it can’t be reversed by either medications or other techniques. This decision is to be made both by you and your doctor.

But there are many *Don’ts* that you should first adhere to before proceeding:

1. Don’t be a personal judge of your hair loss. Hair loss can oy be ascertained by an expert doctor.

2. Don’t freak out when you see a bunch of hair, sometimes it happens due to short term causes and are reversed easily. Be calm and think rationally and get a doctor’s opinions first.

3. Don’t start believing in what you watch and read over the Internet. Use credible sources of doctor’s opinion and medical association journals. There are many websites that spread rumour or are not well researched.

4. Don’t be impatient to get on with Hair Transplant. Get comfortable and know your doctor and the technicians whom they work with first. Having a relaxed mind gets you more results, believe Hair Free Hair Grow in that!

5. And lastly, Don’t think that Hair loss is permanent. That is a negative approach, the positive side to come to HairFree HairGrow and with the help of best technology and experienced doctors we will grow your hair back!

When there is a list of “Don’ts” there has to be a list of “Do’s”!.

1. Do care for you hair immensely. Eat food that is high in fibre and protein so that your body naturally develops hair.

2. Do a personal scan of hair daily. It helps immensely, it keeps you updated on your hair health.

3. Do visit a Trichologist(specialist of hair), like you visit a doctor for health of your body, skin or teeth; similarly you should visit doctors at HairFree HairGrow for your hair health.

4. Do think about hair as a necessity, because it is. It is what is first noticed when you meet a person. Hair makes a lasting impression.

5. Do dream longer and stronger hair always and come to HairFree HairGrow for getting them.

Your Hair defines you and losing it can be highly embarrassing from both a social and a personal standard. The cause of hair loss are many and there are many solutions too. It is upon you for what to choose. Short term solutions like ‘Wigs’ work for a time but you need to keep renewing them and at the end of the year they cost more than they are worth. Long term (or with good care life-long) solutions are Hair Transplant and many medications work effectively and we will talk about the pros and cons of both short and long term solutions in our upcoming blogs.

Be Care Free and with Hairfree & Hairgrow let your hair grow freely!

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