a young lady shocked with hair loss in women

We often say that delay is okay, except in serious matters. Delaying has slowly creeped into us because we have been told to take it easy and relax, but going against this grain and doing things right now is what can make you perfect and beautiful. Just take the case of hair, you notice some hair fall or dandruff, you panic and talk to the people close or near you.

What they say can be recorded in these stock replies:

1. Hair Fall is natural, you lose hair everyday and they regrow.

2. Don’t panic you are just over thinking, it!

3. Oh it isn’t a lot you are just imagining it. Doctors will just give you expensive medicine for it.

4. Just use this (or that) oil or shampoo. This will solve everything and you will see results soon.

All of these replies causes you to delay visiting a Trichologist and a Dermatologist for the issue. Every one of these replies can be countered. It is very important to know that once you notice even a small amount of hair fall it is:

A. Get a medical advice. If its natural hair fall, the doctor’s suggestion will calm you more than your friend’s or family’s reply, because it comes from a medical professional.

B. If the hair fall in any way is a sign to an underlying condition then the doctor can start the treatment faster and the faster you catch the cause of hair fall, the lesser the damage.

C. Hair Fall can call into notice serious issues like autoimmune conditions in case of Cicatricial Alopecia, psychological issues in case of Trichotillomania.

Thus getting an opinion early is the best way to go. And it is very important to get a scalp examination half-yearly, like we do for other parts of our body. This keeps one’s medical file updated and any hair issue can be pinpointed to a cause relatively easily.

Even then if you are thinking of delaying this can happen in various types of Hair loss cases:

1. In case of Alopecia Areata where hair loss is sudden and in patches, delay can cause Alopecia Totalis where hair is completely lost from an area or Alopecia Universalise where hair from the entire body sheds in a small time. Both these advanced form of hair loss is nearly impossible to reverse.

2. Cicatricial Alopecia where there is scarring of the scalp and the hair loss happens due to inflammation of hair follicles and cause them to convert into scars, in this case delay can cause system to attack more hair follicles resulting in gradual increase in hair fall.

3. Telogen Effluvium is a type of hair fall which happens in Hair which is in the resting (Telogen) phase. Usually about 15 to 20% of hair is in the resting phase and if it increases due to shock or fever the resulting hair loss can be for a short time. But if it is allowed to stay without visiting a doctor it can become chronic and lead to longer effects.

Similarly in other cases also hair loss of different varieties if isn’t diagnosed early and precisely it can lead to various issues. Thus delaying is not okay and shouldn’t be done in any case, especially not in the case of hair.

Your hair asks care and we at HairFree and HairGrow provide it. Whatever your doubt we will resolve it. Our doctors diagnose the issues easily and perfectly and have a success of above 98% in Hair Transplant cases. So when you choose HFHG you choose more hair with longer life and better grade.

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