Does the Price of Hair Transplant Vary in Pune? Differences Explained!

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Pune is a beautiful city, there is no doubt. A place of past glory and the seat of power for the ever powerful Maratha Kingdom! It is an up and coming metropolis and has several important educational institutions within its hilly confines.

All the good of Pune comes along with a myriad range of Hair Transplant Procedures! There are many clinics who all guarantee 100% success and life-long hair warranty, but are they all true? In simple words no. The World of Hair Transplant has seen a rapid boom in the last decade of 2010s. Hair Transplant procedures have become more common and their success and safety issues has been thoroughly transformed in these years. Earlier the amount of scarring and the incidence of bad hair transplant was a major reason for not doing this procedure. This was a major deterrent and this was only removed after years of research and success performed by doctors!

But the major reason Hair Transplant has been on the rise today is because of the better cost available in pune. Earlier due to the scarcity of patients and the cost of Equipment’s involved in HT procedure, the doctors used to overcharge, but today there are plethora of people who wish to change their Life with the Best Hair Transplant in Pune. As there are many clinics, so there are many prices! Some say the cost will be just 10 Rs. per graft and some cater towards 50 or perhaps 60 Rs. graft. Everybody has their own price, but they majorly make money by:

1. People who say they have lower prices, overcharge in other departments like, medicines or surgical Equipment’s during procedure or even some do that in PRP therapy. Thus they make their money by predatory activities.

2. People who overcharge, keep on suggesting they have a massive discount thus giving people the false sense of relief that, alright I will be getting the best Hair Transplant at discount prices. But often this is not true.

So, one has to be aware about these practices. These practices are predatory but do they ensure the best Hair Transplant in Pune No?

Who ensure it then? You might ask, it is us. Hair Free Hair Grow We provide you with the best Hair Transplant in Pune and in India. We do this by bringing the best staff and doctors alongside the cutting edge procedures.

These are our Procedure costs for Hair Free Hair Grow’s Best FUE Transplant in pune:

1. B-FUE: The price Per Graft is 20 Rs* and in it we cover all the other requirements of procedure, namely but not all inclusive of: surgical Equipment’s, doctor’s fee for procedure, etc. In this procedure we provide you with the Doctor and the time and place for procedure. This is a fast paced procedure catered to people who have a busy schedule and just want to be in and out of procedure. Pace doesn’t mean any failures, rather this procedure ensures pace with precision!

2.I-FUE: Per Graft cost of this procedure is 30 Rs. In this you can choose the Doctor for procedure, but date and time will be determined by us. We use Graft Chiller to optimize the extracted Hair Life in this procedure. There are many better equipment’s used, which guarantee better results! You should also be willing to spend more than 1 day in this procedure. This procedure uses equipment’s which guarantee better results than many other FUE techniques!

3.BIG-FUE: This procedure is our Guaranteed Best FUE Procedure. Our doctors use the best equipment’s for this procedure. The technique of Transplant is same, but the equipment’s do matter. Here alongside the Graft Chiller we use Hypothermosol solution for most effective storage, which ensures the best Hair Survival during and after Transplant. These Equipment’s lead to the Best Hair Transplant in Kochi. The Graft cost is 40 Rs in this one. You can choose the doctors you wish in this procedure after meeting them and further choose a time and place as per your convenience for the procedure. But mind that once fixed time can’t be changed. This is the best FUE technique in Pune. The doctors are the best, the price is affordable, and the Equipment’s all cutting edge. There is nothing Bigger than the BIG-FUE , the Best there is in Market today!

In conclusion, you should know about the prices of FUE in Pune today, but you should also keep in mind always that the best Price and the Best Hair Transplant will only be available at Hair Free Hair Grow. Because we care the best and most for you!

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