How to recover from a Botched Hair Procedure?

Botched Hair Transplants are the bane and story of many of our compatriots in Hair Transplant industry. We look at the glamour of beautiful hair and assume that everything is going right, but the Botched Hair Transplants are happening. People don’t focus on them. They focus only on the success, one knows more about the others from their mistakes.

First, we have to make a distinction between a Bad and Botched Transplant.

Bad Hair Transplant can be categorised as transplants whose results have faded quickly, or the transplant hasn’t been performed rightly or on the right areas. A bad hair transplantcan be corrected without much issues, by a trained doctor.

A Botched Transplant on the other hand is of a type that can be reversed, but it costs a lot. The cost is in personal attitude of the victim. How can one trust another procedure, when the first one was horribly Botched? It takes a good motivation and desire to change it with someone who isn’t after greed.

The common reason for Botched procedures are:
1. Unsanitary Equipments and surroundings. An easy way for microorganisms to enter and cause ruckus.
2. In FUT, the strips were extracted and Transplanted too deep, or on too shallow levels.
3. Too much bleeding, during procedure.
4. Post procedure care not undertaken properly. Etc.

There are numerous reasons, but these reasons rarely give the right solutions. The only solution is to first of all reduce any life-threatening risks and then find a good doctor to reverse, if possible, all the damage.

In between, one needs to look at their own motives for the transplant. We are not victim blaming, but to understand one’s small role in a problem is important. There is always a caveat with Hair Transplant of: Buyer Beware. Some of the things you should be aware and vary of are:

1. Too good to be true deals: If the deal sounds too good to be true, then you should stay away from it. Hair Transplant in 1Rs per graft, or 10 Rs, is just a ploy to enrol many patients. The services are not on par with the Best Hair Transplants, others provide.

2. Asking more Grafts: There is a calculation that falls into planning a Hair Transplant. A doctor can be off a few Grafts but if your doctor suggest a more 1000+ Grafts amidst procedure. You shouldn’t say yes. It is a type of rehash, to try and sell you more. More Grafts mean more strain on Body.

Hair Transplant is meant to mask Baldness, not completely eradicate it. The part most important to understand about an,Hair Transplant procedure is that, it is used to mask your flaws, so that you have a natural looking hairline.
Don’t desire more chocolates from the jar, when you know if you take out a lot, then your Hand will be stuck within it. Neither go again and again.
“Hair Transplant is a one time procedure, we at Hair Free Hair Grow, get it right the first time!”

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