Our head consists of nearly 1 lakh hair follicles, which starts to grow since our time of birth and should remain there for a long time if nothing hinders it. It takes a lot of care and a lot of knowledge to possess and maintain the ‘A’ grade quality of your hair. But it is also to be remembered that we lose up to 100 strands of hair a day, and our hair is divided into Anagen hair and Telogen hair. Anagen hair is the hair in Growth and that hair follicle grows for 4 years and then rests (Telogen) phase sets in for 6 months.

A normal man’s anagen to telogen ratio is 80:20. So out of 100 hair strands 80 should be in Growth stage and 20 or lesser in Resting stage, this is important so that the hairline is maintained. The normal hair loss of 100 hair strands won’t show any hair thinning or signs of hair scalp becoming visible. But when more than normal hair loss sets in you can see your scalp and your becomes very brisk and breaks of easily. Around 50% people only notice abnormal hair loss when their hair thins and hair loss starts to happen in large patches. The abnormal hair loss can be because of hereditary reasons which are genetically passed and in some cases because of non-hereditary reasons which can be due to autoimmune disorders or psychological stress and pollution causes.

The following illustration shows that the percentage of men with noticeable hair loss at different ages. The age that men go bald is quite problematic to predict and it can start at any age due to hereditary reasons but these are the probabilities of hair loss in different age group.

Different Age classes and the Chances of having Hair Loss:

1. The men in 20s have 20% chance of hair loss. It is generally ascribed to hereditary reasons.
2. The men in their 30s have 25% chance of having hair loss. Autoimmune problems or hereditary reasons can cause hair loss.
3. The men in their 50s have 50% probability of losing hair and almost all men start to notice hair fall and hereditary causes have started to influence. Also hormonal chances and reduction in testosterone causes Hair Fall.
4. After 60s about 66% chance of hair fall is probable. Most men have hair loss and they reaches in later stages of hair loss. Hair loss is barely reversible in this stage naturally but it can be reversed by Hair Transplant.

Your hair fall can be reversed by:

1. Hair Transplant which is best done from Hair Free and Hair Grow. We provide best results and restore hair to about 80% of their former glory and with 100% success rate.
2. Medications are used which help in stopping any further hair loss and in some cases to regrow hair.
3. Stress induced hair loss can be reduced by meditation, yoga and other stress relieving activities.
4. Mesotherapy, PRP and other procedures can be used to revitalize the area which has hair loss and which can induce more hair growth. For any of the remedy you have to choose not just a good clinic but the best clinic which is Hair Free and Hair Grow. We provide the best Hair regrowth and we will help you to regain your hair and your confidence.

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