Patient with a serious illness and still Hair Transplant results? How?

Some of the most terrible times, if not the most, in one’s life is when gets to know that there is a serious disease in one’s body. Unluckily the cases of serious medical condition is on the rise. Diseases like Cancer, HIV Aids and many other life threatening problems can cause serious issues from Body Shrinkage to change in appearance completely. The morale lowers when one’s happy face and body turns into something which is morose. Same happens with Hair.

Hair is our most precious possession and we pride it as such. We take care of it and are taught by everyone surrounding us to nurture it so and so. But Serious Life Threatening Conditions can ALTER everything and be the cause of hair loss due to the condition itself or because of the medications that are used.

In most cases the medications that are used to treat Cancer or AIDS cause Hair loss. Chemotherapy has been extensively studied and it has been shown that the body reacts very aggressively when this procedure happens. There can be complete hair loss and bad nausea experiences.

Hidden Bias

There is a hidden aspect that people with serious issues are generally ostracised from getting better care. Even doctors who know that a Hair Transplant will be performed under intense care and sterile environment, are sometimes scared because there is blood involved. And they are scared to do it. But we at Hair Free and Hair Grow only believe in Hair growth and our friends with such complications are our first and foremost priority.

Our success with Cancer Patients

One of our good friend had a diagnosis of Stomach Cancer in 2nd stage. The cancer was small but serious care was needed. And chemotherapy sessions and cancer medication caused a lot of problems including rapid hair loss. He lost hair in large bunches due to body undergoing shock and there appeared certain bald patches. After his chemotherapy ended, he came to Hair Free and Hair Grow and we transplanted 2000 hair grafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method and by the year end, nearly 82.6% of his hair grafts transplanted had survived. This was a huge success for us as it was our first of numerous successes with Cancer Patients.

Our doctors have given great results to HIV Aids patients too and any other serious ailment. We believe when your body looks good, it grows strong. Outside beauty gives inner morale boost and our patients have fought with their conditions and came out successful.Hair Free and Hair Grow provides best Hair Transplant with both Surgical and Non-Surgical treatments and we are present in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, etc. We care for your Hair, so always Hair Free and Hair Grow for Beautiful and Long Hair.

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