Massaging Hair Scalp for Hair Growth. Myth or reality?

a women messaging her scalp for hair growth

Massaging hair with Oil and Shampoo is recommended by everyone, and everyone does it. It feels relaxing and it is said that nutrients enter the hair follicles when one massages it nicely with Hands or with different types of equipment. But how long should one massage Hair, for best possible benefits? And does it work always? There are also several myths surrounding Massaging Hair, we will talk about all of them in brief and also take about Benefits of Massaging Carefully and Gracefully!

Hair Scalp Massage is the same as like any other body massage you might give, though it is done more gently and usually with only fingertips. It is done with fingertips because one doesn’t want excessive pressure over there the required results can come easily with Fingertips, or any other equipment that mimics the pressure by fingertips. It can be done with oil or without it too, generally people do it while the Hair is dry.

A small study in 2016 and a sample size medium study found that Hair Massaging does improve hair loss and participants also found that it increases Hair Thickness. According to the findings, this is due to the fact that massaging Hair increases the thickness by stretching the cells of Hair follicles. This causes Hair to becomes thicker and better than before. These studies were done for longer periods of time, which was in excess of 24 weeks, and doing Scalp massage atleast twice a day for 4-5 minutes each time.

Steps to do Hair Massage:

1. Use only Fingertips of your hands and apply light to medium pressure on the Scalp and move in circular ways.

2. Gradually cover all the Scalp area.

3. Do it for 4 to 5 minutes each day at fixed intervals.

Our Mothers and Grandmothers provide this service for free too. Just remember to request them! There are also Massaging Equipments which you should only try after consulting your doctor. If you don’t see considerable results or if you see some side effects, you should immediately stop. You can also massage Hair when it is wet or when you are using Shampoo or Conditioner, the method to it then is to be as gentle as possible, as hair is brittle when wet, and to also do it for more than 5 minutes, which also allows the necessary nutrients in Shampoos to penetrate deeper into Hair.

Myth or Real Results

We have seen that there have been a few researches that show that Hair Massage is good for increasing Thickness and for Reducing Hair Loss, but these researches were conducted on a small to medium scale, and thus future researches will definitely help. But this methodology doesn’t include any harm, and has been done throughout India. Thus we should continue doing it, and do it with complete dedication and utmost care. But, if you still find Hair loss, then it can only be removed at Hair Free and Hair Grow, with the Help of Our Team of Doctors and with Technology to back it up. We provide the best surgical and Non-Surgical treatments at best costs, and with Maximum results which have both Quality and Quantity.

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