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Hair Fall is the ultimate enemy of beautiful hair. You can fight with it easily, usually with being on a healthy diet and taking good care of your hair, but often doing only this won’t help. The most common cause of Hair Fall is Androgenetic Alopecia, where the genetic coding is such that you start to lose hair at a certain age.

It is genetic and thus its presence can be usually detected with Hair Health of family members. But one shouldn’t just accept Hair loss, not with the technology we have today, which can bring back hair at a fast pace. But this technology is not always fool proof, there are a few technical problems which are being solved gradually and we are moving ahead.

Hair transplant side effect of infection

One thing to note while getting a Hair Transplant is that this Surgical method is invasive, meaning a surgeon removes hair from one place and transplants it to a different area, thus there will be occurance of hair transplant scarring infection . But the degree of scarring has to be controlled by the surgeon and if it isn’t then it can lead to keloids, which are just scar tissue upon scar tissue, and that can lead to no effect of Transplantation. hair transplant infections occured like irritated scalp,dizziness,chest pain,headaches,irregular heart rate,hand, foot, or breast swelling,sexual dysfunction etc.

Thus it is most known as infection with Hair Transplant yet the one which happens the most. But it isn’t a side effect, it is actually the marker of effectiveness of the surgeon and also gives knowledge about the technique, if the punch marks where the Hair is Transplanted is much smaller then, minimum to no scarring will happen, but if the punch marks are bigger then it is a huge problem.

Also, scarring is mostly seen in FUT procedures, because equivalent to 4mm of a strip is cut from the donor area and transplanted to Recipient area. And with this size of incision there can also be additional issues of infections. But the Caveat here is to be aware of everything while you get the procedure, don’t just follow procedures, but get to know the actual procedure from trusted sites, and read and research more.

FUE hair transplant side effects

1. Infections: Infection is also the hair transplant side effects Where there is blood involved, there is a risk of infection. To completely remove it, both the Patient and the Doctor have to follow the instruction of maintaining 100% hygiene. Needles, gloves and surgical instruments should be changed after each procedure and alongside this the Procedure area and the Clinic itself should maintain the best hygiene. All this is always ensured at Hair Free and Hair Grow.

2. Inflammation: It is also the hair transplant side effects a very mild pain after few hours or even post 2 days procedure is considered to be normal. But if one notices there are any read areas on scalp several days after procedure and it itches even after applying ointment, then that is a cause for concern. Hair Follicles can get inflamed and not grow at all, or else they can become Ingrown Hair and create further issues.

3.Ingrown Hair: Ingrown Hair is also the hair transplant side effects a hair follicle which doesn’t come out of a follicle but grows inside. This problem is usually faced with people who have curly hair, but it sometimes happen that during procedure the Angle of Transplant was displaced or the Hair Follicle was not put correctly, thus causing this issue. This problem affects hair follicles near it too, and can cause Hair Loss instead of Hair Regrowth.

4. Bleeding or Pus Formation: is also the hair transplant side effects these issues are generally due to some grave mistake done during procedure or if the procedure was done in rush. A small amount of bleeding does happen during procedure, but it should never happen post-op. And pus formation is usually a space that was left open after procedure and there is an infection there. These procedures are tricky for a novice, but for experts at Hair Free and Hair Grow, it is their life long dedication to work with precision and quality.

5. Scalp Swelling & Eye Bruises : is also the hair transplant side effects After hair transplantation in the donor area there is some fluid formation in the extracted scalp parts due to which you feel swelling in some patient. and that fluid have chances of flowing down towords eyes that’s why you feel Eye Bruising in some cases, but don’t need to worry it will automatically stops afetr some days.

6.Less Hair in some places, and More around it:is also the hair transplant side effects this problem is rampant, and it is due to the Hair Growth of the donor area itself, some will grow longer than others, thus doctors suggest that Hair Growth after Hair Transplant should be done only to a certain extent, and this also depends on the quality of the graft. Higher the Grade, higher the quantity and quality.

7. Curly hair grown:is also the hair transplant side effects Some care lessness in hair transplant cause bigger problem, because some times unexperienced surgeon hair transplantation is done by wrong angle then this problem are occured in some patient8. Cysts

A cyst is also one of the major hair transplant side effects. A patient may suffer from cyst formation if he or she has experienced damage to the scalp because of the hair follicles pushing deeper into the layers of head section. Although it is easily treatable, but cysts are not a matter of ignorance. If anyone have cysts then consult with expert dermatologyst.9. Hiccups

There are 10 cases of hair transplant out of 200 where the patients experience hiccups as one of the hair transplant side effects. It is unclear why are how hiccups and hair transplant side effects are related but, once they start, hiccups can last up to several days.10. Numbness

It is alo the hair transplant side effects after the hair transplant treatment it numbness stays upto 140 days or it may be less or more as per patient health.11. Hair shedding

Hair shedding is also the part of hair transplant treatment journey after 3 months your old hair falls from scalp and grown new transplanted hair after 3 months of hair implantation treatment.

Short-Term Hair Transplant Side Effects

Some common short-term hair transplant surgery side effects:

1. Swelling of the forehead and around the eyes

2. Bruising around the scalp

3. Itching or discomfort in the scalp

4. Numbness or tingling sensation around the scalp

5. Bleeding from the donor or recipient site These side effects are usually temporary and resolve within a few days or weeks after the surgery.

long-Term Hair Transplant Side Effects

However, there are also potential long-term hair transplant surgery side effects, including:

1. Scarring: Hair transplant surgery may leave small scars at both the donor and recipient site, which can be visible if the hair is cut short.

2. Infection: Although rare, infection can occur after hair transplant surgery. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, and tenderness around the transplant site.

3. Hair follicle damage: In some cases, the hair follicles may be damaged during the transplant process, which can lead to poor hair growth or even hair loss.

4. Numbness or decreased sensation: The scalp may become numb or experience decreased sensation after hair transplant surgery, which can be permanent in some cases.

5. Unnatural-looking results: Hair transplant surgery may result in an unnatural-looking hairline or patchy hair growth.

Reason behind the side effects of hair transplant

Is that due to Improper implantation and carelessness of surgeons causes these side effects, some side effects have minor effect but some side effect created major problem to the patient.so be carefull while choosing best transplantation center. We all knows that every thing have some positive and negative effect so don’t worry only choose trusted clinic like Hairfree & Hairgrow clinic.

Well one thing you will never find as a Side Effect, and that is that we at HairFree HairGrow ensure that your Hair Regrows through Surgical or Non-Surgical methods. We provide services with quality and cost which won’t be provided anywhere else. And all these side-effects shy away from our team of Expert Doctors working throughout India, to Keep India Care-free while HairFree HairGrow grows their Hair Freely!

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