What will the Best Hair Transplant with FUE Cost in Kochi?

A Hair Transplant is a brave decision. It takes a strong heart to accept that yes, our hair is necessary for us. Hair provides a safety net and it has been shown by research that it makes you more attractive. Culturally, Hair is associated with youth and strength. Entire societies revolve around the idea of free flowing long hair, which makes one look serene and godly. Thus regaining Hair is not to be frowned upon but rather encouraged.

Kochi is a beautiful place and a national treasure. There are many spaces of heritage and national value. The people here are friendly and comely. The life goes on pretty smooth here, except for one issue: Hair Loss. People here are increasingly experiencing Hair Loss on a scale never before known. What is the reason? The reasons can be new diets of fast food, and carb rich food, could be binge drinking and smoking, or it can be a mixture of this along with genetic issues! One can’t pinpoint the problem but Hair Free Hair Grow can provide the Best Solution: The most Affordable and Perfect Hair Transplant.

But the one question people keep on asking, what is the cost of Hair Transplant. Well, the answer is, it depends. It depends on certain factors, some of which are:

A. The quantity of Hair required to be transplanted.

B. The Type of Transplant Method.

C. Specialized Equipments used in Procedure.

D. Grade of your Baldness/Hair Loss.

E. Medicines to be used post Transplant, etc.

These are some of the major price factors which affect Hair Transplant Cost.

But, the question still remains is there an average cost of Best Hair Transplant in Kochi? Well, the answer is no! Some people say they charge you 10 Rs per graft, but they add the amount of incidentals and Equipments used in procedure and make up for the lack of profit in per graft, through different means. Others ask for 50 Rs per graft and maybe even they won’t or perhaps can’t provide you with the best results.

So, does Hair Free Hair Grow have a ,standard Price Range as compared to the Market? Yes, we definitely do!

For our Most Famous and one of Our Best Result Oriented Hair Transplant Procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) we provide three price ranges.

1. B-FUE: The price Per Graft is 20 Rs* and in it we cover all the other requirements of procedure, namely but not all inclusive of: surgical Equipments, doctor’s fee for procedure, etc. In this procedure we provide you with the Doctor and the time and place for procedure.

So, if your requirement is of 2000 Grafts:

The cost is around: 2000*20 = 40000 + 18% GST. This equals 47200 INR*. The cost can vary if the demand of Grafts increase or decrease.

2.I-FUE: Per Graft cost of this procedure is 30 Rs. In this you can choose the Doctor for procedure, but date and time will be determined by us. We use Graft Chiller to optimize the extracted Hair Life in this procedure. There are many better Equipments used, which guarantee better results! You should also be willing to spend more than 1 day in this procedure.

So the Estimated Cost of 2000 Hair Grafts will be with I-FUE is: 2000*30 = 60000 + 18% GST. This equals 70800* INR.

3.BIG-FUE: This procedure is our Guaranteed Best FUE Procedure. Our doctors use the best Equipments for this procedure. The technique of Transplant is same, but the Equipments do matter. Here alongside the Graft Chiller we use Hypothermosol solution for most effective storage, which ensures the best Hair Survival during and after Transplant. These Equipments lead to the Best Hair Transplant in Kochi. The Graft cost is 40 Rs in this one. You can choose the doctors you wish in this procedure after meeting them and further choose a time and place as per your convenience for the procedure. But mind that once fixed time can’t be changed.

The Estimated Cost for 2000 Hair Grafts is: 2000*40 = 80000 + 18% GST.

This means the estimated cost is 94400 INR.*

These are the cost brackets of our Best Hair Transplant Procedure in punekolkata. We at HFHG Kochi also provide DHI and FUT, those prices will be discussed in further blogs.

But we ensure we only provide the best results. The Best Hair Transplant doesn’t change drastically when the price bracket changes. Yes, Equipments vary leading to some effective changes in results which are in consequence of the machinery but the people doing the procedure are the same and they will only provide their Right expertise to ensure that you get only the Best Hair Transplant in India!

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