Hair going Grey? Before it should? Learn why

Premature Hair Greying (PHG) is a huge concern these days. Women and men have started to see hair going grey just in there early 20s! And if a hair strand turns grey, it remains that way. And if you forcefully try to pluck it out, it can cause permanent damage to that hair strand. Also, grey hair grows faster than your natural hair and thus becomes more noticeable if you let it stay.

Many of the following reasons in particular or in a mixture can cause grey hair:

A. Endogenous Causes (or grey hair caused due to chemical reactions inside the body)

1. Oxidative stress: Your body comprises of both Antioxidants in the form of catalase, sulfoxide reductase, etc. and also Pro-oxidants like serum ferritin, whole blood reduced glutathione. For checking this your doctor will need to scan your scalp and will ask you to get blood tests done so that this cause can be determined.

2. Genetic defects in DNA: Sometimes due to defects present in the DNA can cause Premature aging disorders namely progeria or pangeria, which can be suspected for premature greying of hair.

3. Autoimmune attack: Autoimmune diseases are diseases when the antibodies that are presented to vent away infections and curb the wounds start to convert into Autoantibodies and attack areas which it shouldn’t. These can be the cause of premature greying and to stop further greying of hair immunosuppressants is important.

4. Nutritional deficiencies: Lack of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Copper, Iron, Calcium or Zinc has been shown to be the probable cause of this condition. Your body needs these nutrients to regrow hair and keep the chemical balance so that your hair is jet black and beautiful.

5. Other causes: Decreased Thyroid hormones, Chemotherapeutic drug, etc. have shown to stop the production of melanin thus causing your hair strand to go grey.

B. Exogenous Causes (or grey hair caused from outside sources)

1. UV rays in various researches have shown to be a probable cause of grey growth of hair.

2. Pollution if rampant can seriously hurt melanin levels thus causing premature grey hair.

3. Smoking, stress, and drinking are some of the most common causes that are said to cause grey hair. These can cause a chemical imbalance in the body thus the sudden onset of grey hair at a young age.

Hair Turning Grey is a cause of concern. If it starts early then you should visit your doctor and seek help. It isn’t just the reason of aesthetic displeasure but also can lead to a much serious underlying issue.

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