Ayurvedic ‘Nuske’ or Allopathic ‘Results’? The Real and Unreal in Hair Transplantation

India and its sages were the people who created ‘Ayurveda’. This methodology was created to help people, resolve their sickness and used various concoctions of herbs, spices, liquids etc. to enhance the life quality of people. Ayurveda is our connection to the past and it helps, it really does. Allopathy has come along later, but it is today seen as a corporate method to get people hooked on medicine. The debate between Allopathy and Ayurveda is a topic for another time.

There have been several Ayurvedic centres that have claimed to heal Hair Fall completely. They have said that it is important to trust ancient Indian wisdom, rather than Western techniques. But Hair Transplant is not a western concept. Yes, it was initially practiced there, but several important researches and the development of DHT and optimization of FUE Transplant was done in India. It is as Indian, as all the people at the Best Hair Transplant Clinic: Hairfree & Hairgrow Clinic.

This isn’t an attack on Ayurveda, rather a Defence for Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant’s results can’t be denied and its results can’t be replicated by any other Non-Surgical procedure. Yes, several diets and medications both Allopathic and Ayurvedic has shown to be effective in stopping Hair Loss, but Hair Regrowth is a whole different ball game.

Even the most trusted over the counter, Rogaine or Minoxidil isn’t effective when it comes to Hair Regrowth. The only thing which works for patients with Higher grades of Hair Loss is Hair Transplant. Yes, in conjunction to Best HT there can be medications taken to increase the effectiveness, but the Best results are dependent upon Hair Transplant. It is the independent constant here.

Why Hair Transplant? What are its benefits? We have talked about it several times. But here we are again for its defence.
1. Best results: There is no way any other technique can trump Hair Transplant Results. It reigns supreme in this jungle of hocus pocus results.

2. Best equipments: Best results are only achieved when there is a usage of Best Equipments. Hair Transplant is based on close study of science and science has found the most effective way to grow hair with Cutting edge technology.

3. Fastest Results: Hair Transplant ensures Fastest results. Every other techniques asks you to wait for a long time for barely any results. But Hair Transplant will give you fast and strong results.

4. Safest style: It is the safest technique to ensure best results. Minoxidil can lead to complications, even Ayurveda can have side effects, but Hair Transplant is the best. The side effects are kept at the bare minimum and are removed with the help of Doctors.

In all of this, we should trust Ayurveda for several illnesses, but it’s effectiveness in Hair Regrowth is contested. We can go that route, but with the help of Hair Transplant or in conjunction they can help.

Trust Hair Transplant first and then come to Hair Free and Hair Grow, second. Our hair transplant centers are available in Surat, Pune, Mumbai , gurugram, Kolkata, Bhopal, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad

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