The biggest question and the first question we get at our clinic ‘Is Hair Transplant Dangerous? Or Can Hair Transplant cause complications? The answer to almost all these questions is 96% in the negative. But there are some risks that one needs to know about before getting a Hair Transplant. We will discuss these with also the methods and people who make your Hair Transplant 100% safe and with 110% results!

Getting a Hair Transplant is a life altering decision, many factors straight from genetics to habits cause hair loss, which can lead to acute to major balding. After using all the natural methods of growing hair back the only way one can get their hair back is by Hair Transplant. It is a surgical procedure where hair is extracted from the Donor area (usually back side of your head) and transplanted into Recipient area (usually frontal space of head, but can be anywhere). The two methods of Hair Transplant are:

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) where a small strip of hair is cut from donor area and transplanted to recipient area. Strips are usually 1cm, but can vary with patients.
2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) where individual hair is extracted from donor area and then transplanted to recipient area.

These methods both give great results but there is some risk associated with them, especially with FUT. These risks are:

A. Some patients undergone FUT have faced scarring in the Donor area which has caused an unappealing appearance of that area.
B. Bad hygiene of clinics have caused many botched FUT procedures.
C. The individual hair extracted from FUE can also have a short lifetime if the doctor doesn’t extract them successfully, this lowers the success of the procedure.
D. Preservation of FUT strips and FUE hair follicles are of immense necessity. Some clinics and doctors don’t protect them, thus they lower their success rate.

But there can be Additional issues as well which can be even more problematic:

1. Patient information: When we at Hair Free and Hair Grow do a Hair Transplant we see through all the medical reports of our patients and then only prescribe a HT. But some clinics are eager to do an HT can do it without following procedure which can lead to future complications.

2. Doctor’s incapacity: If the doctor isn’t trained enough in the procedure then the success rate of Hair Transplant falls by 78%. That is why we at Hair Free and Hair Grow only choose veterans in the field of Dermatology and Trichology thus ensuring 100% success of Hair Transplant.

3. Bad hygiene: The worst thing a clinic can do and ensure 100% failure of any procedure is to have a bad hygiene. Along with the place the entire clinic has to be sterile and cleaned and only then the procedure should be done. We at HairFree HairGrow and proudly the best Hair Transplant clinic in India, keep our procedure and offices spaces clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

4. Pain before and after : If the necessary steps aren’t followed then the procedure can be very painful, this has happened before with many novice doctors. But the real problem is pain after the procedure, many people leave the area open and don’t explain to their patients the necessary steps and hygiene to make the pain minimum and without any discomfort the growth of beautiful hair soon. This is not how things are done at HairFreeand HairGrow. We explain everything to you beforehand and go above and beyond everyone to make your experience the best while the procedure goes on and even after it! There are some risks which can not be denied when anybody decides to get a Hair Transplant, but these can be got down when you have a team of efficient doctors, hardworking staff and a zeal for success.

Also, watch the attached video. All the Common questions answer given by the Experienced Surgeon from Ahmedabad Clinic Dr. Richa Sanmukhani.
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