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Hair Care is a tricky work. It doesn’t take a lot of time but still we forget to do it. And if we do it, we are doing it wrong without knowing it. These can lead to Hair Fall or worse just lead to complete baldness.

Baldness or Hair Loss in general is alarming and looks unattractive. Some people might say looks aren’t everything, sure they aren’t everything. But Looks make you Something amazing. So good Hair is the key to ensure better things in life. But there are some mistakes too that we do when we do our hair care. This articles wishes to enlighten our mistakes and what we should do to ensure that Hair always remains Here with you. The best way for Hair care is to indulge in it daily for about 30 minutes. And for that 30 minutes you have to just think of hair. Your 30 minute schedule is:

1.Massaging it daily

When you massage your hair do it with your fingertips. You have to do it for 3 to 4 minutes for around 5 times in a day. Be gentle with your fingertips and do a clockwise movement starting from the front of your scalp to the back end. It increases circulation and ensures that new hair grow easily. Some people tend to be harsh with it and apply too much force. It actually hampers the process and doesn’t produce any good results.

2. Applying Hair Oil

Using Hair oil provides nutrition and an added layer of protection for hair. Applying it, is an easy process. You just have to rub it in your head for 3 minutes when you apply it and wash your hair after 45 minutes. You shouldn’t let it stay for long as it can also be the reason the hair receives no nutrition from outside. Also you should know the right Hair oil for your hair. As oils suit a definite hair, and different oils have different properties.

3. Applying Shampoo

Shampoo helps in washing away dandruff and other problematic things like fungus which might be present in your scalp. It is highly effective, but you shouldn’t apply it everyday. Choose 3 days in a week for men and 4 days for women. On these days apply a shampoo and let it stay for 4 minutes after applying it, be gentle while rubbing it and rub your sclap and not just your hair. This will deeply cleanse any outer pathogens hurting your hair. Also be careful because industry made shampoos have many known carcinogens and also have sulphate which can harm hair. Using it in right quantity ensures hair longevity.

4. Using electric instruments for Hair care

Your hair is beautiful the way it is. If it is naturally curly and you try to remove it out with an iron curler then it can harm your hair. Your blower can also harm your hair if you use it for a long time. Electric instruments can help fix your hair quick, but quickness also brings problems. So use them, but wisely. Reducing their usage can help your hair a lot.

5. Wet hair, fragile hair

Wet hair is very fragile. If you try to comb it or try to rearrange it, it can cause hair breakage. Also after a bath you should let your hair dry naturally, or else just lightly touch your towel on your hair, don’t be rough with it. Because hair breakage while wet can cause uneven breakage which can if done several times lead to Hair never growing again, and be a major factor of Baldness.

6. Not asking help when needed

Once you feel your hair is falling too much, you should always ask for help. Even if you are just doubtful about hair fall and notice a slight increase in it, you should consult a doctor. Don’t heed what is written online as that can because you to believe what you don’t have, but always clear your query with doctors.

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