Blood Cancer fight and Amazing Hair Transplant Results!

In life we face many failures, but our one success story can transform our life and keep us motivated to live stronger and fight harder. This success story is not only of Hair Free and Hair Grow, but of our patient who fought Blood Cancer and got best Hair Transplant results. Our patient was diagnosed with this condition 4 and a half years ago. The symptoms of feeling weak and sick made him get his blood test done, and there was a doubt of this disease. The doubt became reality, but it didn’t crush our patient’s spirit. His spirit is what kept him going and getting better. He already had Hair Fall as he was in his late 40s but the chemotherapy increased the pace of this hair fall.

By the time our patient arrived at Hair Free and Hair Grow he was recovering and the cancer was nearly gone, but its mark on hair remained. He came with a jolly attitude and had heard of our results. The procedure was scheduled after taking into consideration the history of patient and if there can be any future complications. But as he was nearly recovered and our procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) minimally invasive, we had a green light.

The procedure was for 2500+ hair grafts, and the hair was extracted from the back part of scalp and beard hair. The procedure was successful and by the end of the year, the hair retention of the Transplant was about 88%. This success is because of a few points that we can sum below here:

1. Having a Right Attitude: Hair Transplant is a big decision and we know you will definitely feel a little anxious, but you also have to know that anxiety gets you nothing. And as per research anxiety can make you more susceptible to Hair Fall. And to reduce and remove anxiety you have to talk about it and our Helpline at HFHG is always open.

2. Knowing about procedure: Learn everything about a Hair Transplant before you do it. Know it’s pros and cons and know which procedure if FUT or FUE is better. Success depends on knowledge and clarity. Hair Transplant is supposed to be a calculated risk, but at HFHG the risk is slim to none and results always there.

3. Caring for Hair Right: Hair Tips are good to hear but difficult to follow. You hear several tips of how to shampoo, what to eat for good hair etc. But doing those takes time and patience and excessive care. Hair is not an accessory, it is an extension of your body. It’s loss reduces confidence and many negative things come too with its loss, but it’s presence only brings positivity. Follow tips, but ensure you follow them correctly.

4. Expect Realistically: The results from Hair Transplant are there to make you feel good, but also expect realistic results. Your hair gain will be dependent on a lot of factors, on the grade of hair fall, quality and quantity of Donor graft and also on how you diet and care for it. So keeping very high expectations and hoping your hair grows to extreme lengths is not realistic, know that it can grow to a certain extent and mask the existing or growing balding. Hair is a wealth better used right. But realistically you should also know that Hair Transplant is the best way to retain hair for a long time and at the best price in long run.

Lastly, choose the right clinic for any Hair Care. Because the choice of clinic decides how well will be the care. Because you just don’t have the need of Hair Transplant but of every added care and attention. And we at Hair Free and Hair Grow provide that in the best way possible. Every Surgical and Non-Surgical techniques are done here for giving you best hair now and forever.

Relax and come to HFHG and let us help your hair grow freely.

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