After Hair Transplant Which Hair Grows & Stays for the Longest Time?

Hair Transplant is done to recover and regrow hair that has been lost due to Hair Loss. Hair loss can have various causes the most problematic of them is genetic in nature. Genetic causes for hair loss can lead to complete hair loss. Other hair losses can be due to scarring or non-scarring alopecia. But once hair loss is evident, a person just has short period of time to reverse it naturally. Once the Hair Fall grows beyond proportion there is no turning back!

To reverse this scenario is where Hair Transplant comes in and makes a person young again. All the hair in your body can be used for HT but not all of them will last long and have the same strength as the other more stronger ones. Usually the hair on the back of your scalp is used for Hair Transplant as that hair grows faster and is much stronger, because the hair in the back of scalp have much longer life and are usually present in large quantities even after massive Hair loss. But if the Hair Density in the backside of the scalp area is less, then Doctors use hair from other parts of body like beard region, chest area, pubic hair and even hair from other body areas. But this is only done when there is barely any hair left on the scalp and the procedure can’t be done successfully. We will need to individually know about these hairs and their benefits and problems.

Hair from the scalp

This is the best Hair to use in HT because they grow fast and are the strongest hair that is present in your body. Hair as research shows grows how it has been growing from the area it was extracted from, thus this hair will grow to a normal length and you don’t have to worry about hair loss further. In case the hair density is slightly lower than the procedure is expanded so that new hair can grow and then transplant can happen.

Beard Hair

Beard hair is the second best type of hair one can use in HT. They usually grow long and at a quick pace. Yet sometimes in many men they stop at a particular point and may takes months to grow any further, thus one should know that point and only grow to the point that it doesn’t look unappealing. Usually short hair is to be preferred!

Body Hair

Body hair can be namely: Hair from chest area, pubic region, or even from arms or legs. When the Hair is completely lost due to medical complications from Beard and Scalp area then only Body Hair is utilised to cover up the scalp. They usually can’t grow over a minute length, and body hair is used in HT only as a last resort. The hair loss is gone and new hair is present but they have to be shaved and kept well groomed for better aesthetic appearance.

Thus we see that the Best Hair for Hair Transplant is the Hair on Scalp and Beard Hair. But along with hair you need the best Hair Transplant clinic in India to get you beautiful flowing hair, and that clinic is Hair Free and Hair Grow.

You just relax and be carefree, while we grow your Hair Freely!

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