Why do So many people disapprove of Hair Transplant? Jealousy or Your genuine concern?

a man checking hair loss in men at side

There is a taboo today in India about talking of Hair Transplant. It is considered as invasive and people suggest not to do it, as the results are short term. We are here to analyse what is true in these statements. Are they completely true or completely false? Is there a space in between them for both being right and wrong?

– First let us understand why at all should you get Hair Transplant? The easiest answer is to receive maximum hair in the shortest time as compared to any other treatment. We are not denying what other treatments like PRP and other Medications achieve, but Hair Transplant out does their results. The most important factor is that the results in Hair Transplant are visible sooner and last longer with good hair line retention. Thus you should get a Hair Transplant if you want to do a one time Investment with best results.

– What are the associated risks which people talk about? People often say that Men who get Hair Transplant see results only for the first few months or max to a year, after that their hair again falls and they will again have to get a Transplant. There is little truth to it. In the first few months after Hair Transplant, a phase comes where Hair starts to fall on a large scale, it is because that new hair will grow there. This type of Hair Fall is natural after Hair Transplant and is medically called ‘The Shedding Phase’ after this ends, a patient sees hair growing gradually and smoothly. And in this phase about 7 to 10% of Transplanted Hair can also be lost, but this doesn’t alter the appearance if the Doctor did the right job. You should also meet and get to know your doctor, overtime. Only when you are comfortable should you get a Hair Trasplant done, but even then you should always contact the past patients of the clinic to see if you can verify the results. Our patients are more than 2500 and we have had the best success with all of them.

– See there is some fear of scarring and infection that is present with every operation but most clinics use sterile equipment with clean surroundings. A procedure like FUE which is minimally invasive won’t lead to any infections and the doctors at Hair Free and Hair Grow have over 10 years of experience in this field and the least chance of getting a scar in entire India is only at HairFree HairGrow.

– Lastly you think your friends and family won’t approve and say the cost is a lot. See the cost of living in shame is a lot more, we ask you to never live in guilt and never to repent that you could have done this. You can do this and your friends and family have your best interest but they know very little about Hair Transplant and also about your problem. You decide if your problem is bigger or smaller. And if you feel like getting an Hair Transplat get it. You won’t regret it, but you need to choose right people for it, and that you will find at HairFree and HairGrow!

Be Care Free and Let your Hair Grow freely at HairFree HairGrow. And let people see your success while you smirk through their jealousy.

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