Transplant Cost when Donor Hair is limited?

A Hair Transplant is a brave decision. You choose this to change your life forever. Other may question you and ask you to not do it, as it is surgical and carries risk. But when you listen to the right doctor and choose the right doctor you don’t have to worry. It is your hair fall which has to worry, as it will go away immediately. Hair Transplant is a treatment where Hair from your donor area is transplanted into the recipient area. The donor area are usually the scalp, parts of body like chest hair or even sometimes public hair. According to the donor area, the hair has to be maintained. Although recent researches have shown that Hair growth of hair happens according to the place it grows in, it doesn’t grow according to the place it was extracted from, but this was a small research and thus the results can’t be fully trusted.

When there are Limited Hair for Transplant a surgeon has to be wise and tell the patient clearly what sort of results are achievable. Too high hopes can break if the results are not achieved. And Hair that is transplanted has to be cut at a precise time so that they look natural and even. When doing Limited Hair Transplant a surgeon can use hair from

1. Back side of Scalp: this is the ideal donor area, as its growth is good and density is best.

2. Facial Hair: when the hair from scalp isn’t enough, beard hair is ideal, as it grows faster and to a good extent.

3. Chest Hair: hair grow short on chest, but they can be used to give a natural look, when transplanted skilfully.

4. Pubic hair: these are the last resort for any hair transplant. They grow slow but can produce results.

Hair Transplant with limitations can give good results and make you look good. And the cost of these are different at different places. If the Donor Area has limited hair, that means that Hair Fall is severe. So some people charge more as it is high in quantity. While us at Hair Free and Hair Grow look at quality and quantity but keep the cost reasonable. Some places start their prices for 2000 Hair Grafts from 60000 and provide minimum facilities. While HFHG provides added services of ensuring you get a good hotel and cleanliness around you. Our staff is always there for your help and our doctors are always ready to answer your queries. More Hair means added pressure to ensure better quality. This transplant will require from patients:

1. be realistic about results. Natural look is better than following a style.

2. Keep a good diet, to ensure hair gets all the essential Proteins for growth.

3. Care more for more hair. Massage Hair daily after transplant for 4 minutes with Fingertips.

4. Use the right products and have regular check-ups with your HT doctor.

5. And lastly, trust Hair Free and Hair Grow.

Any type of Hair Transplant requires people who achieve success both with surgical and Non-Surgical techniques. Our doctors at HFHG ensure that you achieve the best results. So you go carefree, when you arrive at Hair Free and Hair Grow.

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