Shampoo Doubts? Peek in the past to see what’s right!

Shampoos are our daily necessity today. Without it we feel our hair won’t look right or won’t get enough care. We browse through various shampoos at the store or on the net to choose the right one for ourselves. But do you know that earlier there was only one thing available for cleaning hair?

It was and is called the soap. This was the generic thing the whole world used. Sometimes it has been reported the same soap would be used for bathing, cleaning and washing. Our reliance on soap has been immense but times have changed. Generic variants of any products don’t appeal to us anymore. We want something which is customized for us and also at the same time best. Thus the modern market for various shampoos we see! This trend is here to stay and we should make the best out of it.

To rightly apply the shampoo we should follow these techniques:

1. Get your Hair Wet beforehand.

2. First mix the shampoo in the hand itself and create the lather.

3. This creates maximum area coverage and doesn’t cause reapplication.

4. After application on the Scalp, use your fingertips for slowly penetrating into the hair line. 5. Then after that massage it in circular motion for over 3 minutes. 6. Even if the lather decreases don’t reapply. It is completely fine!

7. While washing be gentle and clean the entire Scalp..

8. Be extremely cautious with wet hair. They are the weakest.

9. Only shampoo Twice for men and Thrice for women.

10. You can also apply oil 30 minutes before shampooing for better care!

These are some of the tiny steps we take for better care today. But the question that is often asked isn’t shampoo causing hair problems too? The answer is in the affirmative, sometimes while we are in way too a hurry while shampooing we rub it too fast and it doesn’t do anything for the scalp and creates a sort of barrier for any nutrition to come in. Be careful to apply and use the same caution for removal. Punctuality produces best results.

This is also a major deterrent today that Shampoos have carcinogens present, which is also answered in the affirmative. But the overuse can cause problems, similar to the sun. If we prolong our visits in the sun we might be susceptible to carcinoma. So Moderation is the key. Apply moderately to get the best results.

And if you have anymore queries or doubts we are ever present for you. We at Hair Free and Hair Grow believe doubts are questions which lead to better results. So the more doubts you have the better results you can get. We provide the best care in both Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures and we solemnly affirm we will give you the best results.

So, just be Care Free and let your hair grow at HFHG!

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