Should you Trust again? Second time Hair Transplantation. Where to get it?

a team of 3 best hair transplant doctors doing hair transplant procedure on a lying patient

Several of us say, that trust is built up once, when broken it leads to scepticism. We know how hard it really gets when what you aspired to achieve by a Hair Transplant doesn’t lead to fruitful results. When a survey of about 200 patients of Hair Transplant was conducted by a research centre it was found that about 1/3 of them were unhappy of their results. That is an abnormally high number and is a cause for serious concern in clinics.

Bad Hair Transplant can be caused by any of the following reasons:

1. Less Experience on the Part of Doctor.

2. Punch sizes were bigger than they were supposed to be, leading to scarring.

3. Implantation of hair too deep, causing ingrown hair.

4. Giving Higher Hopes thus trying to achieve results with bad quality Grafts.

5. Post procedure not explained in a good way by doctor or patient purposefully doesn’t follow them.

6. Having a bad diet pre and post procedure and also continuing to smoke or drink after procedure.

All these and many more factors, and some factors which are outside the control of the doctor, can cause a very bad Hair Transplant experience.

Overcoming a Bad Hair Transplant is harder, because often the Negative Impacts like scarring, redness of Scalp, and further hair loss is visible for the world to see. We have often had patients with bad Hair Transplant and they are very sceptical and some want to cancel just days before their procedure. The night may seem dark, but the day is close to. We understand your anger and cynicism and we want to remove it from you. You can only get results only after you completely trust a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Clinic.

Bad Hair Transplants also happen due to greed on part of the Doctor and also partly on part of patient. Our sector is experiencing a boom today and it is given that some people will try to make windfall gains from it. So, you have to be inquisitive about the Clinic and Doctor. Don’t just see their webpage and Google reviews, ask them to put you in contact with their past patients and experience we at Hair Free and Hair Grow do it always, so that you get authentic feedback.

Price is a major factor but emotions have no price. Remember why you chose to get an HT in the first place for your personal happiness and we will provide it you. We at HairFree and HairGrow excel in both Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures and will get you what you desire. The faults of another’s disturb us, but our success must make you happy. So, just contact Hair Free and Hair Grow and see your hair grow freely!

-Also, watch the attached video. All the Common questions answer given by the Experienced Surgeon Dr. Richa Sanmukhani.
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