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The most important question and the first one that pops in our head when we think about Hair Transplant is it safe & permanent, how long the results will last? Even if the procedure is successful what determines that the hair will last and be strong–> even after 7 or 8 years? These are burning questions and we at Hair Free and Hair Grow answer it for your satisfaction.

The permanence of natural hair is determined by the mineral and medical structure in body. Hair is produced out of protein keratin and if that isn’t produced your hair won’t grow. Further Genetic issues that are passed on usually among men can cause hair fall, that on sets usually during early 30s and whose results are visible in the middle 40s.

If there are chances of autoimmune diseases where the antibodies in your body attack hair follicles,then hair can fall rather rapidly, but this can be reversed if caught early. So the hair fall can have various reasons but there is only one solution Hair Transplant.

Is hair transplant safe and permanent?

Hair transplant is the only life time treatment for hair loss.The hair that has been transplanted will continue to grow for a very long period of time, probably lifetime. The newly transplanted hair will start falling off around six weeks after surgery. However, this is a temporary phase, and new hair will grow out of the graft in another five to six weeks. Surgical hair restoration involves moving hair from the back and sides of the scalp to areas that are bald or thinning on the crown, top, or front of the head. The transplanted hair will continue to grow like normal hair because it is RESISTANT TO DHT. The results of a hair transplant are considered permanent because you cannot undo them.

Although hair transplants are considered to be permanent ans safe process, having skilled surgeons is essential. The design and transplantation of the hair must be prepared with an artist’s viewpoint and future in mind because the transplanted hair comes from the donor area of the head, where it is genetically more permanent hair.

Male pattern baldness causes hair follicles on the back of the head to be far more resistant to baldness and to stop falling out like your actual hair. For people seeking a long-term hair restoration option, this is perfect.

A hair transplant is a permanent and safe process when you follow all the suggestions of expert doctors.

They will suggest you best medications, and diet improve your hair growth and permanency of hair after a hair transplant.

After the transplantation, it must be understood that the newly transplanted hair will start falling off around six weeks after the hair transplant surgery . However, this is a temporary phase, this temporary phase is called the shedding phase and new hair will grow out of the graft in another five to six weeks after this shedding phase of the transplantation process, and that newly grown hair is permanent and natural hair.

Hair transplant permanency of hair depends on your hair care after the transplantation process, you have to avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

These bad habits can negatively affect your hair growth and hair transplant life.

Is hair transplant long lasting forever?

According to our Expert Doctors of Hairfree & Hairgrow cinic hair transplant is safe and long lasting process but you have to keep the following points in mind before going for hair transplant center :

1.Expert doctor : The expert doctor will knows all the hair transplantation saftey measures. Hair transplant is done by expert doctors or surgeon then hair transplantation is safe process and long lasting. They guide you better after and before transplantaion how you have to take care of your hair.so you have to choose expert doctors for safe and reliable hair transplantaion process.

2. Hair transplantation techniques:FUE hair transplant technique is more durable, painless and safe process as compare to FUT hair transplant prcoess. That why You have to choose best demanding technique for hair restoration to last for more year.

3. Medication after hair transplant: Medication is also the most depending factor after hair transplant to grow hair longer, thicker and to avoid side effects after hair transplant

4. Diet for better hair: The hair transplant doctors will give you proper food intake schedule. Yor hair durability is also depends upon your food intake. Take proper food for strong and thicker hair.

5. Grade of hair follicle: The better the grade of Donor hair, the better the recipient hair, because it has been noted that hair follows the characteristics from the place it was extracted from.

6. Hair care: You hair care routine will define your hairline. After Hair Transplant you should constantly make visits to Hair Free and Hair Grow and get check-ups of hair, and also eat right to make your hair bright.

Hair care tips that doctor will suggest you after hair transplant for permanent and safer result of hair:

1). Wait a few days after surgery to wash your hair. Use only mild shampoo in the first few weeks after hair transplant.

2). Within 5 days, the patient can go to work or can do normal activities .

3). Don’t scrub the brush or comb on the new grafted hair to avoid damage of grafts for 21 days.

4). Don’t wear a hat or sweater, shirt or jacket until the doctor tells you.

5). Don’t exercise for about 7 days after transplant.

6). Don’t worry if your hair falls out after 3 months that is shedding phase in whiich of old hair are fall out and after that your new hair are growing and this is part of the procedure

7). Sleep on side or on stomach for 5 days.

How much time required to grow your new transplanted hair?

After doing hair transplant Many people asking this question,These people have to told you that the hair transplantaion is long process from start to end you have to follow the all guideline of doctors.
If you are following all the guideline of doctor and proper diet as per suggestion your hair takes 7th to 10th month to grow you new growing transplanted hair.

Hair transplant permanency and saftey is depends on your diet,medication, daily routine as per doctors suggestions. So keep your hair care routine best for long, relaible hair. For further hair related problem and cost details call/Whatsapp on +91-7272832222.HairFree HairGrow is the best hair transplant clinic in India. 10+ Branches in India. At gurugramSuratPunekolkata, Indore, Mumbai ,Bhopalahmedabadhyderabad.

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