India has long been a Developing nation as per Western standards, but today it is one of the most Developed countries. Yes, there are a lot of areas we have to improve in, but we are slowly heading towards our goal of becoming the best nation in the world. In this process, we have grown to be the centre of Hair Transplant hub in the world.

Some of the best Hair Transplant doctors in the world today work in India. There has been slowly growth and recognition of various men and women who have pioneered and created the Best Hair Transplant procedures.

HairFree HairGrow was started with such pioneers. They work their best with each and every case. They have resolved the worst botched cases and also helped several patients who were scared of Hair Transplant. This has been our success and our success stories are because of our best clients.

Our clients come from within India from different professions and businesses, and range towards people from different nations too. We have had patients from US, UK and also individuals from Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh who wish for best Hair Transplant procedure. One of our clients was from Sweden and after procedure has referred us to his friends and family. We are actually becoming the melting pot for the best Hair Transplant procedures in the world.What makes India and HairFree HairGrow so desirable to everyone?

Some of the reasons we discern are:

1. Better Rates:

As the demands for Hair Transplant has risen, so has the rates for the procedure. People rationalise this by saying, oh the procedure cost and equipment prices has risen, but in truth it can be attributed to increasing profits. Hair Transplant doesn’t have to extremely expensive and, truthfully the most expensive Transplants are rarely the best. This is a fallacy which helps these clinics operate and is used as a marketing tool. Transplant Cost is not just for profits, but for the ease it provides to patients. The cost is to do the procedure, not to put a financial burden on the person.

2. Best Equipments available:

The best Equipments that ensure the Perfect Transplant were earlier kept away from us or were made really expensive, so that we won’t be able to buy them. But as these Equipments came in India, our manufacturers bettered them and made them available at the right prices. Now, we have access to the best blades, implanter pens and Equipments to prolong extracted hair life.

3. Growth of Hair Transplant Industry:

Hair Transplant Clinics have grown up across India. They all ensure best results but only a limited amount of them can provide it. No matter, but they have grown and increased visibility for the Hair Transplant industry in India today. To get the best, you have to first weed out the rest.

Hair Transplant in India is growing, we are now becoming the centre of the world in this activity. But the growth is first for India and not for the world. Best Hair Transplant is for India first, and for that we at HairFree HairGrow and our centres throughout India will work to our best ability!

Our Centre’s at Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bhopal.
For more details, Call/WhatsApp us on: +91-7272832222

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