How to Measure your Hair Transplant Success?

Hair Transplant is a decision that takes a lot of guts to finalise upon. To know the importance is not enough. You have to understand why Hair Transplant is the last resort to regain beautiful quality hair in grand quantity. Many times our mind goes to think alright, maybe now is the time for Hair Transplant, then we see some shampoo or oil and we think, one last attempt with this. This trying again and again of products make hair fall go on for longer, with minimal hair gains, thus also hampering any future Hair Transplant Procedure results.

So, the right time of Hair Transplant is to get it done early. In the early Grades of Hair Fall, the procedure doesn’t require a lot of Grafts and also medications stop any hair loss. Knowing the time of Transplant is made easier by:

1. Getting a Hair Check by a doctor every 6 months. Like a dentist appointment or a general health check-up is important every year, so is the Hair Check important.

2. Marking in your mind any area where you think Hair Density has decreased, or if the hair line has slightly receded. It is important to know this, as this is information that will help the doctor in deciding if you need a Transplant or just medication. .

3. Take pictures of your hair line every 3 months, post shower and compare them. If you see hair loss that is permanent, you might want to get it checked by a hair specialist.

So, till now we have learnt how to recognise Hair Loss, but if you do get a Hair Transplant How do you measure its success. Well there are a few easy tips:

1. Look at the Density:

After Hair Transplant and after the hair growing post Shedding Phase, which is about 3 to 5 months Post-Procedure. You need to check the hair density. If the density is high, your Transplant is good.

2. Look at the Quality:

Graft Quality is significantly important for a Lifelong Hair Transplant Results. Quality and Quantity go hand in hand. If your doctor uses good Quality Grafts rather than just quantity your hair transplant will last longer.

3. Compare the cost:

So, post procedure you are very happy with the results. Let’s say you follow everything right, and your Hair Transplant stays for 3 more years. Would it be worth it? That is the question you should ask. Would the use of wigs cost you less than this procedure.

Do, a Hair Transplant only once, and see the best results. That is the motto of Hair Free Hair Grow.Your results ought to stay in the long run. Our patients with Good Hair Transplant have results that are going strong even after 5 years. But they are also following the medications, diet, exercise routine, we asked them to follow.

Hair Transplant Results will only stay, if you are also focused on procuring their results

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