How much should the Price Change if you need More Hair Grafts?

The best news one gives one Hair is when one accepts the responsibility and starts to take care of their Hair. This responsibility is never recognised by some, until they lose their hair or are scared to lose it. These are scary scenarios for sure, but remember we are the ones who put themselves in harm’s way. We need the same care for Hair like we give to the other parts of body. Hair demands respect, and that comes from nutrition, using good hair care products, etc. But sometimes Hair Loss isn’t in our hands. There are a few things we can’t fight against successfully. You know where this is going: Genetics! Our genes carry the code our parents and their parents and so on have provided us. This includes basic details of how tall we can grow, and if we can be prone to ailments. Thus, we as an individual have no control over our genes. We accept it as they come, sometimes they carry bad news for our hair. All of us face hair loss, but the hair regrowth is much faster than loss, leading to optimum amount of hair. But once the regrowth slows Baldness presents itself. Our ancestors grew Bald and they have created maxims that one should let things go, and age gracefully. But why? Why choose to be less than best? Why settle for nothing? Settling with Hair loss/Baldness means only settling with private shame and the fear of public shame by others. This is the reason many brave souls choose Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant in the most basic of terms means the transfer of hair follicles, called Grafts, from the donor area generally the back of Scalp to the recipient area, mostly the front part of Scalp. Several techniques like FUT, FUE, and DHI have been developed and honed throughout the years to achieve great success with Hair Transplant. In Hair Transplant procedure the Doctor first calculates the amount of Hair Follicles required for a Natural look. This calculation is very necessary because this determines when and for how long the procedure will be timed. So if a doctor determines that a Transplant of 3500 Hair Follicles is to be done by FUE technique, then a doctor can decide whether:

1. Doing the procedure of 3500 Grafts in a day.

2. Or schedule it for two days of 2500 Grafts on day 1 adn a 1000 Grafts on day 2.

This calculation is also determined on the Grade of Baldness of the patient. So Grade 1 or 2 will have a smaller procedure in length along with lesser Grafts. Whereas Grade 6 or 7 will require one to stay for longer hours and could even stretch for a couple of days. But there are some calculation errors sometimes by Doctors. This is where the human error or many a times computer calculation error comes along. Maybe the amount of Grafts required is more or sometimes it can be less. What do we do in such situations?

1. If Grafts required are more: We firstly communicate with the Patient and help them to understand that the procedure wouldn’t be as successful as planned if the required Grafts are not added. Generally the maximum amount of error is about 300 to 500 hair grafts, thus this isn’t majorly increase price. We generally try to provide an ample amount of discount in the added Grafts and try to finish the procedure within stipulated time. And if a day more is required for added Grafts, we provide for the commute and meals for our clients.

2. If Grafts required are less: Well, this is the best news. You will spend less and will receive your results a few hours sooner in the upcoming months, and our doctors and technicians will get out of work sooner. Well, in short the first step required by you is to come to Hair Free and Hair Grow. Rest all the problems of more Grafts, less Grafts, which procedure, will be solved and resolved alongside the Hair Fall problem. We only believe in providing the Best Results in Hair Transplant and the results will outshine your look and make you happier with the Best Hair!

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