dr shridevi lakhe a best hair transplant doctor explaining how hair transplant works

Why and what is Hair Transplant?

Hair is beautiful. Which is true. But the most important aspect of hair is that it makes you more beautiful! This is why one needs to regrow hair which has been lost. If we are in bad times we bounce back from it and turn the tide of time. Same goes with Hair, we should always care more for Hair and if we start losing it one should get a Hair Transplant. Hair transplant as the name signifies is, transplanting hair into areas where it is needed; those areas can be completely devoid of hair or can have little hair which doesn’t look appealing. The basic function of hair is to attract someone else’s attention towards you, once you lose hair you lose your self confidence, thus Hair Transplantation has a physical as well a psychological basis.

How does it work?

When hair starts to fall due to any type of reason; which can be genetic or can be due to scarring or non scarring issues; then Hair Transplant is used to get quicker and effective results and solve the issue of hair loss and baldness.

Hair is extracted from the Donor area and then carefully transplanted into Recipient area.

1. The first procedure is to extract hair from Donor area.
2. This can be with FUT or FUE.
3. Under Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) a strip is cut of 4mm approximately from the donor area and then transplanted into recipient area.
4. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) single hair follicles are extracted from the Donor area and then kept for transplanting into the Recipient area.
5. Then it is very important to preserve it or else it will get dry and won’t survive, even if transplanted.
6. Here is where the surgeon’s and the technician’s skills come in. That is why one should choose Hair Free and Hair Grow for best Hair Transplant results.
7. Well preserved follicles are placed into the recipient area.

This is the technique of Hair Transplant.

But this is how it works:

A. After you are done with your procedure just clean the transplanted area and the donor area when your doctor asks you to.

B. Be well and don’t exercise a lot and try not to sweat.

C. Now be Carefree and wait for 10 days and see your Hair Growing Freely!

Science behind Hair Transplant (HT)

It is important to know why it works, more than how it works. The basic science is that in most cases Androgenetic Alopecia is the cause of hair loss. It is a genetic condition where hair starts to fall due to genetic coding and no time can be specified for it. But in most cases it sets in a person’s mid 30s. But this hair is only lost due to the lack of nutrition which has been blocked to those specific area hair. But when Hair is transplanted, it is seen that the new hair keeps its life and growth as the area from where it was extracted. Simply meaning, that if it was taken from an area where hair is strong and in high density, it will stay the same in the transplanted regions. Most doctors that is why prefer hair in a person from ‘Back of the Scalp’. This is because hair in this area has a long life and stays with a person even though they may lose their frontal hair. After Scalp hair, Beard or Moustache hair is preferred. If even these aren’t available then only body hair or pubic hair is used. But with these areas of hair, one has to maintain a special look because they won’t grow more than the place where they were extracted from.

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