Hair Transplant before a Family Function or Major Event? Should you do it?

a woman showing hair loss at the side of scalp

A family function or a gathering with friends is a highlight event, we prepare for it aesthetically and do a great deal of shopping because we want to look our best in front of the ones closest to us. This looking good isn’t due to some pressure but due to our own desire for being a pleasing presence in others eyes. So, why does one forget that the major part of one’s aesthetics is Hair?

Hair fall or Balding if present during such functions can be a cause of gossip which can lead to some shame in us. But shame isn’t going to get you anywhere, rather it pulls you down again and you will despise going to such events again. So, you have to choose if Hair Transplant is the Right way to go to or not.

See the most visible results of Hair Transplant can take about 6 months to appear completely. We can start seeing results from the 1st month but when the shedding phase sets in at around the 4th or 5th month, it can get troublesome. So you should prepared and duly note the date when and the estimate timeline for the procedure.

We prepare a checklist and if everything is right, then you should perhaps decide to get this done:

1. Know when the event is taking place.

2. Get a consultation soon and explain your hurry with the event.

3. If there is ample amount of time with all the Precautions duly followed then the Doctor will give you assent.

4. Start planning your diet with doctor and leave smoking and drinking if you do so.

5. Clarify your doubts regularly, as this shows your involvement.

6. be proactive, not passive. If Doctor tells you that you have deficiency in some nutrients consume the required food or multivitamins.

7. Be patient and know change takes some time even if you are in extreme hurry.

Time matters the most in such cases when you have to look your best, so starting today make a Call to Hair Free and Hair Grow, but if the time has elapsed, go this time with your look now and amaze them next time. But an amazement caused in others can be good, the happiness you get after reaching your goal cannot be compared with the prior. So to achieve self happiness know what Hair Transplant means for you. And if you want to get the best Hair without Surgical methods, you have come to the right place too, because we excel in various sorts of Non-Surgical techniques like PRP, Mesotherapy, etc. and will also provide best for you.

Be Care Free and let Hair Free and Hair Grow achieve your hair goals freely.

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