Hair Loss during Teenage Years? How to resolve it?

a teenager worried of her hair loss

Hair Loss is unwelcome at any age. But the worst age that it can start is during the teenage of an individual. Teenage is meant to be a carefree period, where you do what your heart desires. You venture into ideas that you haven’t done before and seek and make irrational plans and pranks with your friends. But, Hair loss is not your friend, it is the enemy of the upcoming youth.

How can it start? And when do you start noticing it? Isn’t teenage the least likely years that it happens to? Isn’t there a solution or is it just a phase? Is it due to stress or what? All these questions need answers and we are here to provide them.

First of all, teen years are the best years. There are so many questions and before finding the answers, we skip onto next questions. We see the control of the world around us loosening and also find our own group of friends as tight and right. But along with the freedom and novel experiences, we forget what helped us grow. Good nutrition and care for our bodily health. These are just few of the things every teenager forgets about, once in a while. These might not affect in the short run, but the long term ramifications of this can be quite serious.

Hair Loss is an unwelcome foe, it comes and grows easily. And when it comes, you don’t stand a chance. Your hair Withers in this storm. So, what to look out for during Teenage years?

1. Sudden rise in Hair Fall: If you feel that you are losing a lot of hair, suddenly and it isn’t due to any other factors, like fever or shock, then you should visit a doctor. This sudden rise if unprompted by any other factor can lead to Baldness. Temporary rise in Hair loss can appear scary, but doesn’t have long term impact.

2. You see Hair Strands everywhere: You wake up and lo and behold in the bed are your hair strands everywhere. In the shower, or anywhere you sit, you see your hair. This is a warning sign, stop messing around and self diagnosis. Go to a doctor as this shouldn’t happen with a teenager.

3. You can pull your Hair easily: Hair has a lot of tensile strength. It is intrinsic for hair to be strong, even when they are long. But when you feel, just slightly pulling your hair causes it to fall. You should just run to a Trichologist aka Hair Doctor. Hair shouldn’t fall that easily. Diet, oil usage might be temporary cause, but if prolonged it can lead to permanent hair loss.

4. Bald spots and Pulling Hair: Bald spots appearing out of nowhere is the marker that you are getting late with Hair loss. If you don’t stop it now, it will ruin your life. If you pull your hair for a long time with rubber bands or any other mechanism, it can cause Baldness. This phenomena is called ‘Traction Alopecia’ and can cause premature balding. Both men and women today keep long hair, so many have to tie their hair back. This is a cause for serious concerns and to stop this balding problem, we need an appointment at Hair Free Hair Grow.

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