a man with beautiful mustache and beard transplant done at hairfree and hairgrow clinic

The one thing which causes a man to be more attractive is the facial hair. A nice moustache with a smooth and elegant beard sets a class apart image for a Macho Man. But there is a catch, although beard makes one look better, they are if not cared for really a place for bad microorganisms to breed. And as they are closest to our nose and mouth, they can be an easy pathway to carry bacteria into our body.

So how does one change this? How can one look good from the outside while remaining completely healthy on the inside? The answer is to be vigilant with Beard Care. We at Hair Free and Hair Grow always tell our esteemed clients that they should care for Hair as much as they care for their overall body health. They don’t ask for much just a few minutes of everyday and you will realise that your Best Look will be available to you soon!

So for a Cleaner and Better Beard we share some pointers so that you and your Beard ‘Stay Fit!’

1. Clean it twice a day: Our world is under a pandemic today and we are realizing the magnitude of being clean. So, just twice a day for 30 seconds clean your beard. You can use soaps or a face wash, but rub it gently and try to scrub between the depths of Hair Graft, so that deep cleansing proceeds. Also be careful not to overdo as that can leave the Hair Strands weak due to repeated use of water on the same space.

2. Trim to Keep Clean: Regular Trimming of Beard helps both in growth and to keep in clean. Trim in spaces which are closest to your mouth and nose. Near your lips and cheeks there can be a good amount of beard which might slide into your mouth or nostrils, this can lead to easy passage of foreign harmful material to enter into our body. So, if you can trim or rather remove the Hair from there, it will be good.

3. Try New Styles: This is for obtaining a new look while also taking care of hygiene. Trying out new styles can help you know about your best look, but you also in the process cleanse your beard and moustache area thoroughly. You also get to spend a little Me time with yourself. So pop up a new style and cleanse your beard.

These are some techniques we suggest, to keep your Beard Clean while also being Stylish. You need to find your look and for that we are always present for you. Hair Free and Hair Grow promises that you will receive the best surgical or Non-Surgical treatment for achieving your Ideal Style in both Hair of the Scalp or Beard.

So, be Carefree while Hair Free Hair Grow assures to grow your Hair Freely!

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